Billiken grand marshal today is Strautmanis

President Obama's deputy assistant, Michael Strautmanis, will lead today's Bud Billiken Parade.

However, the parade itself is the bigger story. Once upon a time, the parade route held so many more positive sights. Now there is a lot of blight, too many food deserts and poverty in too many areas near the parade.

The good news is that the annual Billiken Parade, like all major parades, has always been full of color, marching bands, celebrities and pageantry.  It can be seen on local broadcast television stations WLS 7.1 and WCIU 26.1 starting at 10 am today.

An interesting Chicago Tribune Flashback on the Billiken parade can be read here.

One thing that has been constant in that neighborhood is the Bud Billiken parade. And it's a great day for it. Seems like the hot weather has finally broken. Bravo, Bud Billiken Parade!


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  • I walked for Mr.president Obama in thr parade how do I get a copy of the bill billiken tape.I will have good memories to show my grand children

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