Billiken 2012 Will March On Without Obama

Contrary to previous reports, it is now well known that President Obama’s schedule next month prevents him from acting as Grand Marshal of the 2012 Bud Billiken Parade. However, this year’s parade on Chicago’s South Side will offer the usual bands, floats, personalities, etc. Here are a few videos from past Billiken festivities, including a video of Mr. and Mrs. Obama as co-grand marshals in 2007. In another video Obama describes the importance of the parade to the community.


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  • A metaphor for President Obama's attitude towards the black community, which put him where he is, as well as the rest of America, save those in the political ruling elite.

    The solution is to have a multi-million dollar fundraiser going on along parade sidelines. Or at least maybe a $3 chance to stand on the same float with a cardboard cut-out of the president.

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