2011 Chicago Jazz Festival Ends Sunday

2011 Chicago Jazz Festival Ends Sunday

Wednesday’s Trolley Tour

The jazz trolley tour that kicks off Chicago’s annual jazz festival visited an array of Chicago nightclubs on Wednesday night. The tour is organized by the Jazz Institute of Chicago. The clubs’ locations ranged from as far north as the Green Mill at 4802 N. Broadway to as far south as Red Pepper’s Masquerade Lounge at 428 E. 87th St. Stops en route to either location were diverse and plentiful. The following photos capture a glimpse of the evening:

Erin McDougald
Erin McDougald sings with the Junius Paul Trio at the eta Creative Arts Theater at 7558 S. South Chicago Ave.

Ira Sullivan
Ira Sullivan performs at Joe Segal’s Jazz Showcase at 806 S. Plymouth Ct.

Trolley buses crisscrossed the city until last call at midnight. Dean (of Dean’s Photography, when not conducting tours) supplied his riders with amusing repartee along the way.

Yamaide and Brenda Philips
Jazz aficionados enjoying the clubs included WHPK DJs Yamaide (left), who hosts “Straight Ahead Jazz” every other Sunday from 4 to 6pm and Brenda Phillips, (right) who co-hosts “Journey Into Jazz” with her twin sister, Linda Hall, every other Sunday in the preceding time slot from 2 to 4pm, also on alternating Sundays.

The Fest Began Thursday and Continues Through Sunday, September 4

For further information about the Chicago Jazz Fest, 2011, click here.

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