Scotter Libby is the Last Straw or Should Be.

Scotter Libby is the Last Straw or Should Be.

In case you haven’t heard The Donald has pardoned convicted leaker and lier Scooter Libby. In case you have forgotten Libby leaked the identity of CIA operative and wife of an ambassador and probably helped to send the U.S. to war.

What strikes me is that there are so many similarities to the situation in which The Donald finds himself to that which embroiled Dick Cheney and Scooter. Remember Paul Manafort is holding out for a pardon and The Donald just telegraphed that he will do just that. I suspect the message was also for Cohen.

Are we to assume and I hate assumptions that this is the prelude to the tail wagging the dog also? The current administration (if that is what you choose to call it) is being loaded with war mongers and hawks. Syria is a hot button issue and one of the ways to deflect the American public from the seriously corrupt White House is a good old fashioned war. I’m waiting for conspiracy theorists to put out an idea that the U.S. actually dropped the nerve gas in Syria to give us an excuse to launch missiles. Oh I forgot the Russians already made that suggestion. At this point I might be swayed to at least listen to that without rolling in laughter. That is a sad commentary on my expectations from our government.

As aside…. I suggest anyone who watches the stock market look at the trends for military equipment and arms companies. They may be rising. This is not my forte so please feel free to in box me or comment.

All of this is very disturbing. We may well have an absolute thug in the White House. It’s looking more and more like the Russian mafia and Republican heavy Congress is participating in the theft of democracy. Any American be they Democrat, Republican or Independent should take to the streets in protest if Congress sits idly by and lets The Donald fire Rod Rosenstein, eliminate Mueller and pardon anyone. I haven’t marched since the sixties but believe me I will march again. More importantly I will vote!

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