The Russia Hacking Worked on Me…..Maybe Not

The Russia Hacking Worked on Me…..Maybe Not
Something needs to be done to protect our vote!

I have always felt the attempt by politicians to manipulate my vote. That is what politicians do. It’s the political DNA to lie, manipulate. It makes it hard to make decisions for us citizens. I also feel that the US (United States and us as part of it) have manipulated elections in other countries but what Russia pulled off was pretty slick.

The Russia hacking is widely accepted except by those who watch FOX news or are just burned out by news or don’t care because they are consumed with worrying about other very important issues like putting food on the table, or keeping their children safe at school from angry, mentally deranged individuals. I have all of those concerns. That doesn’t stop me from being livid about what Russia did. It also makes me very angry with the lack of response from the Agent Orange of Russia in the Oval office (#Agentorangeinoval). Then again he really has a response, cover up for Putin. I digress. I’m commenting, in particular as to how the Russia Hack may have impacted my voting choice or not.

I wish to state I did not vote for Hillary Clinton and I am not sorry that I didn’t. I never felt comfortable with the Clinton stance on locking up minorities in prison and I didn’t need the Russians to show me the error of the many years of the “tough on crime” stance. I saw it when I worked with inner city adolescents. I saw it in the broken homes, the pervasive poverty. I understood. So there wasn’t much the Clinton’s could say to me to change my objections but that was me. Maybe the Russia hacking persuaded others to stay home or vote for Jill Stein or even to vote for Trump. That being said, I think the biggest thing that changed voters was the DNC and what was obvious manipulation by the DNC to nominate HRC. As far as I am concerned the DNC did more to elect Trump than Russia could manage with the most sophisticated hack job.

Yes, the emails were hacked but they were not fairy tales. They were not doctored. They were hacked and released. I watch the news everyday and I haven’t heard a single news commentator mention that fact.

Yes, the Russians invaded Facebook. By the way did we really expect the Kremlin to say they were behind it? Pleeeze. There is no way on this earth Putin is going to out his hack job and his puppet in the Oval office. What concerns me is not a confession by Russia but the lack of response on the part of the Republican Party. It’s beginning to look like the Republicans are truly the RED party. If I look at it that way it makes Trump voters look like Russian sympathizers at this point. Is someone designing a hack for FOX news or Facebook to point that out? Just asking.

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