A New and Terrifying Saint Valentine’s Massacre, 17 Dead in Florida School Ambush

At this moment our nation is in mourning for the lives of 17 young people and their teachers who were gunned down in Florida yesterday, a new and terrifying Saint Valentine’s Massacre. It is unfortunate that a country that has experienced 18 of these such events this year alone will probably do not a damn thing to prevent numbers 19 and on to infinity.

The news media is already predicting that people in this country have become immune to these atrocities. Stephanie Ruhle was in tears this morning while trying to interview Nicole Hockley of the Sandy Hook Promise organization. How many tears will be shed before we do SOMETHING!

Legislators will continue to accept money from the NRA to keep their seats. Marco Rubio will continue to say that this is not the time to discuss gun control. In the midst of this I have to wonder how FOX news will spin this and make it an attempt to discredit the Orange Menace in the Oval office and a way to blame the entire problem on Democrats, Berniecrats or any other thinking, reasonable group. ENOUGH!

We are the only country with this problem. Does that not cause you pause for thought? It is time to unite rural and urban communities to stand up for people not guns. We don’t have to take guns away from sportsman or hunters but we certainly need to tighten laws or at a minimum exert an effort to prevent nut cases from owning guns. The founding fathers did not intend to allow semi-automatic weapons to flourish. Wake up America.

To politicians: Your prayers and thoughts are not enough!

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