Rauner on Recreational Cannabis? No Dope.

Rauner on Recreational Cannabis? No Dope.

This may not be the only reason that Illinois voters don’t renew his contract but it might be close to the top reason. The State of Illinois needs money and cannabis sales brings in the dough.

Rauner’s statement that not enough study is done is ludicrous. THC, the active hallucinogenic compound, has been studied for years. (Link to Timeline). In fact, there is a U.S. patent on the psychoactive component. ( I do suggest you follow the link for the details).  So, an apparently savvy person spouts untruths that he clearly could have someone from his staff research even if he didn’t feel up to the challenge. So, what up?

This is my own personal opinion. Don’t ask me for data sets or references. This is me not Forbes or Scientific America. As my grandmother used to say “Common Sense is a misnomer because it is not common at all.” I’ve been told that my investigative nature is part of my common sense and maybe that is so. I hope my grandmother would be proud. It’s up to the reader to use their discretion but as I said this is my thought process.

It begins with reefer madness. There are many theories as to why the madness media started, fossil fuel industry is one of the big actors. Cannabis or industrial hemp can be used to make biofuels and you don’t have to frack or dig an oil-well to get it. It’s fairly easy to grow. You can make plastics out of it. This again cuts into the fossil fuel industry. Totally unacceptable.  Then there is the pharmaceutical industry that really doesn’t want to see this plant supplant a host of drugs we currently pay through the roof to use. Considering the Governor’s stock portfolio it makes sense he wouldn’t be a cheerleader for serious competition.

Rauner listed 111 companies in which he has significant financial interest. Take for instance Citadel. Citadel invests in companies in the Communications, Consumer, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, Media and Entertainment, and Technology sectors. Did we see energy in that list? OPEC members agreed to extend curbs on output of crude to the end of next year, so maybe Rauner will look a little more favorable on industrial hemp but I doubt that. 

Second on the list of Rauner’s big time holdings is GTCR. GTCR has extensive investments across the healthcare and life sciences industries, including branded and generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life science tools and diagnostics, healthcare information technology, providers, distribution and ancillary services. You may have noticed pharmaceuticals in that list. Something you may not pay much attention to but needs a spotlight is the healthcare industry in general is not based on health. It is based on people being sick. Preventive health care means prevention of money to big pharma. Why would anyone want to let a little weed that grows, well like a weed gain legal status? Chemically created THC, dronabinol, is FDA approved for treatment in AIDS, cancer and a few other instances. If the make believe works why not use the real thing? Use your common sense here.

Of course none of the aforementioned are directly related to recreational cannabis use. There is a slippery slope here and it’s not to increased drug use of harsher more addictive drugs. If you allow recreational use you open the door to further exploration into industrial uses.

I talked briefly with former State Representative, Ken Dunkin of the 5th District. He was a co-sponsor on the cannabis bill which included industrial hemp. When I asked him if he thought recreational would pass, he had mixed opinions. He quickly answered it should but added the caveat that down state is against it, at least industrial hemp they oppose. Of course down state grows corn, lots of corn. Ever heard of ethanol? We’re right back to competition with fossil fuels.  BTW what orange person in the Oval office is attempting to get subsidies for fossil fuels and what does he share with Rauner?

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