Green at the Chicago Auto Show

An ongoing conversation during our family get togethers eventually involves sustainability, climate and politics. Of course lately we seem to start off with politics. That being said we put all the angst away about climate change and centered on the Chicago Auto Show.

Dad and I gave up driving and have become green travelers i.e. bus, train, ride share and so forth but you can't convince the entire family to eschew private vehicles. When it comes to one son driving fast, as in race car fast is his passion. So this year I challenged him to be my press eyes only if he could prove that sports cars can be sustainable.

When you send your son to cover all things sustainable at the auto show, this is what you get. He sent me oodles of photographs. I could tell which were his absolute favorites. He categorized them as sort of green, whatever that means.  I think hybrid. Although I happen to know that Leilani Münter is a vegan powered race car driving environmentalist with a Tesla.

Any way enjoy the photo gallery and watch for more high powered green on the road ways and race tracks.



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