Put Them on the Reservation for Racists

Put Them on the Reservation for Racists
A great place to store hate.

Like many Americans I’ve been following Facebook because what we’ve been getting on network news is well…. bupkis, especially about things like the Dakota pipeline. Unfortunately while covering things like the DPL and Dr. Jill Stein in her quest to bring a level of truth to our voting, I also see the hate filled actions of a few people who really should have no place in polite society. These are the despicable. These are not ALL Trump voters. Let me be clear about that. Some people who don’t hate everybody except low brow white folks voted for him. But boy some of what came out of the closet is ignorant, vote against your own self interest, troglodytes. I’ve been trying to figure out what we sane Americans should do with these nut jobs and I think the Sioux demonstrations on behalf of all of us that need water may be a path to take. Put them all on reservations and give the Native Americans every state in which these nut jobs peek there ugly heads out of the doors.

Don’t laugh. Most of the nut job troglodytes don’t know that America was stolen from the people who had lived here for centuries. Guess what? That’s why they are called Native Americans. The title “Indians” is a big misnomer. Columbus thought he was in India or so the story goes. He wasn’t and he didn’t discover a damned thing. PEOPLE  were already here. Manifest destiny is a construct of a bunch of white men. It has no basis in reality. So here’s what we should do.

Someone or any group that is caught hanging people in effigy or actually physically harming a person on persons because of skin color, religious or sexual orientation should be tried as a menace to polite society. They don’t deserve a trail by peers because who in their right mind would admit to being their peers. The jury should be comprised of people from ALL disenfranchised, oppressed peoples. When the verdict comes in and prior to sentencing all accused should have mandatory DNA testing. That ought to be interesting. After that, depending on how well they take to finding out, low and behold, they have blood lines from the middle east or Africa Mexico they should be sequestered on a reservation for racist. Now mind you we’re not talking some plush country side with arable soil and clean water. Nope they get to eek out a living on some of the poorest land in this country on which Native Americans have been contained. No to casinos. Put them on welfare. I don’t care if some of my tax dollars have to support them. In so many cases they were on welfare to begin with.


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