Give a Damn About the Emails

Give a Damn About the Emails
Not the Damned Emails!

I had forgotten the email mess. I can't figure out how because I’ve been spending way too much time on Facebook. I admit that. This primary election season has made me crazy. Sorry, I care about what is going on in this country and I certainly cannot depend on Fox for information. I don’t limit my information to Facebook. I also scour alternative news networks and talk frequently with friends and family in Europe and Canada to find out what they know that we don’t get. It’s a lot. But emails are back on the menu.

I certainly understood why Bernie Sanders said he was tired of hearing about the “damned emails”. He wanted to talk about the most relevant questions like minimum wage, the environment, mass incarceration and the ever growing replacement of democracy with oligarchy in our country. I got that but…..

The importance of those damned emails is growing in my eyes and in the consciousness of a bunch of Americans who seem to be able to pay attention to subtleties the size of buffalo. Over the past two days the news media has been all over buttered toast about the Donald’s comment suggesting that Russia hack more emails. Firstly if the DNC hadn’t written them there would not have been anything to hack. No one has proven or even suggested that Trump hosted a server to hack the emails or provided assistance in hacking the emails. True? Correct me if I am wrong. I do agree that Trump is not presidential and even scary. My personal opinion is that he was never serious about this and probably looks at his orange visage every day and wonders just how stupid Americans can be but that’s another story. The point is that our government is lining up to refuse the legally selected nominee of the Republican party from having security clearance because of something he SAID!

Now let’s talk about those damned emails. The head of the FBI came right out on national television and said Hillary Clinton handled sensitive and sometimes secret material carelessly and irresponsibly. She didn’t just say she would have a private server that was probably hacked. She had it. She erased thousands of emails. I don’t know about you but I have to wonder how may of those were between she and say Debbie Wasserman- Schultz? Even if she wasn’t colluding with the DNC (I doubt that she wasn’t knee deep with the DNC) she still behaved irresponsibly with sensitive information. The FBI couldn’t stick her with a case because they could not prove intent even though she lied about receiving permission for the server. Have we Americans gone deaf, dumb and blind? On what planet should a mere suggestion made by Trump require the absolute denial of a security clearance and the outright mishandling of secure information and lying about it while in a government position that absolutely required compliance with security regulations be just peachy?

This is a nightmare! Every American should be seriously questioning the efficacy of either of these candidates. I almost understand the people who are supporting Trump. They are angry, disillusioned and trying to find someone to lead them out of their miserable existence. He is the current Hitler talking to people who want someone to blame, Jews, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims. It’s got to be somebody’s fault. Funny but without the blame game progressive followers of Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and more conservative followers of Gary Johnson are also angry about this country and the obvious move to oligarchy and destruction of democracy. The not so silent corporations are just delighted. They are still going to have their paid for president unless we, Americans revolt. Believe me this is a revolting situation. Somebody please care about the DAMNED EMAILS and national security!


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  • You make some good points. Here's my take: With Donald Trump in the White House, the U.S. would face an increased risk of World War III. All other issues fade in comparison.

  • In reply to Lawrence Hartmann:

    That's part of the fear mongering that the global democrats recognized and didn't fall for. 69% of Global democrats voted for Bernie Sanders. I have family and friends living in Europe that told me prior to the vote that the concern in Europe was not Trump. It was and is Hillary. Trump would be the most impotent president in history. Both parties would block him. He's no Bush and already there are major concerns within his own party on maneuvering and controlling him. They can't do a lot about his mouth but they can control him like a Christmas toy robot.

    Not the case with Clinton. There are too many Republicans who side with her and will vote the interest of the military industrial complex. Remember a number of her supporters are arms producers. She'll reinstate the draft, as she promised. She will continue the regime change wars and continue to sing the song Bush sang that we need to go into Syria and anywhere else that Israel wants bombed out of existence or that has natural resources we can rape the land for. She wants to frack the planet and American companies like Haliburton will benefit. Look at her history very carefully and forget about the "oh I'm so sorry" bull that slips from Clinton lips.

    There is an excellent article in Counter Culture about the use of fear to manipulate the voting public. This also addresses how the myths are used to prevent viable candidates outside of the major parties. There are other options.

  • The email situation is merely the most recent in a long line of questionable behaviors and judgements made by Hillary, and in some cases those questionable actions have led to loss of life and compromised our position internationally. That alone is worth our attention. I am tired of the media trivializing it or saying that it is exaggerated. One or two emails, I might consider as a slight lapse-perhaps even a dozen over her course of service to the government, but we are talking thousands that have been wiped out-with no way of actually knowing how important or sensitive the materials were. I can concede that Trump was rash in his statements, but probably not very far off the mark. The sad thing is that those emails have probably been read by every enemy of our nation, but the American people are not privy to what is known by everyone else in the world. I can, in that alone, share in Mr. Trump's frustration. And I am no fond of anyone feeling that the rules apply to everyone else except themselves. This is potentially treasonous under the law, and is only being stifled because of the person involved, not the sensitivity of the materials entrusted.

  • In reply to Sue Fitzpatrick:

    Obviously from my blog I agree with your sentiments. Thank you for commenting.

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