SOCAPTV - The Intersection of Cannabis and Social Impact Investing

I had the pleasure of presenting at the SoCap2015 in San Francisco this month. It's the one place I can talk about social investing and people don't look at me like I'm speaking Martian. The SoCap is the largest conference of its type. In fact over 2500 investors and entrepreneurs  gathered at Fort Mason on the Bay. So for the majority of people out there who didn't attend SoCap or have any idea what the heck is social impact investing, here is a very brief primer.

People with money (usually lots of money, foundations and some corporations) decide that they would like to make more money by receiving a decent return on their investment and they would like to see some social good come from their investment. I know this is a tough concept. So look at it this way.

You are Nick Hanauer, a bona fide capitalist. You've done a video that explains that you can only buy so many houses, so many cars and so many pairs of nice pants and you still have oodles of disposable income. You wake up one morning and decide that for your own good and the good of the world something needs to be done that improves life on this rock. So you talk to a broker who tells you that there is a company that will take your investment dollars; provide a good return on your money and in the interim will build schools in poor communities, or erect solar farms, or train rural farmers in Peru to grow asparagus and quinoa while providing a decent living for 3000 people! That's social investing.

So enjoy this 12 minute video of yours truly talking about cannabis for good!

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