Little Black Pearl School of the Arts at Dyett High School Site

Little Black Pearl School of the Arts at Dyett High School Site
Proposed for Dyett High School

South siders have been exceedingly proud of Little Black Pearl and founder, Monica Haslip for 18 years. Monica started the school out of her own home on Drexel Avenue. Through hard work and an abiding love for the children of our community, to quote Monica, No gift is as precious as the potential of a child; she put her special stamp on education, art and economic savvy in an expanded site at 47th street in Bronzeville. The Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center is a 40,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the community.
Children who entered at 8th grade with less than sterling records and scores become successful at the Academy. The Academy high school graduation rate is 93%! That is a pretty meaningful statistic. More importantly these young people graduate with knowledge of art as a viable business. They learn how art impacts them and the world in which they live.
It’s hard to imagine that Monica Haslip and her dedicated team could do much more but if you think that, you don’t know Monica. She is taking the know-how she and staff have accumulated over the years and proposing an even bigger and better opportunity for south side youth and that is The Little Black Pearl School of the Arts in the soon to close Dyett High School.
This is a competitive process. One or two other groups have proposals submitted to the Board of Ed. Of course Chicago politics is at play. I have heard some pretty petty things being said about the Little Black Pearl project but nothing negative about the others have issued from Monica Haslip. She has class and a proposal that is to say the least stunning.
Envision a school founded on the arts, economics, sustainability and a solid education housed in an awesome setting. In fact you don’t have to imagine. Here is a sneak peek of the renderings.
Lil B Pearl auditoriumLil B Pearl theater

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