Rauner Licenses Cannabis but OOPS No Background Checks

Yes, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has gotten off the pot (te hee) and issued cultivation and dispensary licenses. There a few very relieved individuals, about 70 and if I had to guess some pending law suits. What I found very interesting was an article in the Chicago Tribune today that stated Rauner gave the licenses in spite of the fact that not one FBI background check had been completed. Oh oh, oops and OMG. The state law requires that background checks be completed before any licenses are awarded.

Representative Lou Lang stated that it is really important that patients have access to the medicine. Guess what, there haven’t been checks done on those who have applied to use the medicine either. You thought Colorado has problems with standardizing eatables. We can’t even get started without a big mess. One would think there are no precedents to the use of medical cannabis from which to draw cogent information. That simply is not the case.

Israel has been doing research and perfecting cannabis delivery methods for years. There are over 20,000 Israelis on medically prescribed cannabis. Just last November a revolutionary device was developed to enable the patient to inhale metered doses of vaporized cannabis granules. israel-develops-revolutionary-medical-marijuana-inhaler. Reportedly Israeli physicians have known since 1999 that cannabis alleviated symptoms of cancer treatment on young children but because of bad press the program was discontinued. That is really too bad.

I’ve written about the historical use of cannabis in ancient China, Egypt and references to cannabis in the book of Exodus but still our modern, enlightened society just can’t seem to get around “Reefer Madness”. It doesn’t matter that the entire bad press nonsense came from wealthy men with roots in the cotton industry, lumber for paper products and a few other choice industries that would take a hit in the pockets if cannabis and hemp were to get a foot hold. It doesn’t matter that Washington grew hemp and might have smoked a pipe or two. Ronnie RayGun wanted his war on drugs. We all know how well that is going.

I’m working on a set of graphic novels dedicated to social problems and the war on drugs is on my hit list. Stay tuned.

But for now we are faced with a new challenge associated with the possible decriminalization of marijuana and the increase in licenses for cultivation and recreational use. We are revisiting the era of plutocrats like Carnegie, Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. This time however it might be BIG PHARMA, BIG LIQUOR and BIG TOBACCO.  The income gap doth widen.


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