Hail Mary Pass for the Cannabis Underdogs

Hail Mary Pass for the Cannabis Underdogs
A Medicine for Social Ills?

In response to my reader Greg Schroeder. Greg said that the amount of money needed to have a shot at the cannabis business is ridiculous. Yes Greg, it is. It’s definitely skewed to the plutocrats out there. That was one of the reasons that the bonus points were added for minority participation. ha ha. Too bad the joint commission didn’t add a funding plan for same. So the usual seems to be taking place, minority participation at less than minority control. I’m just saying. I have no real evidence of such except this IS Illinois.


We've tried everything we can think of to get to the starting gate and we thought we were there. We are $15,000 short of being serious contenders. What is holding us up is the earnest deposit on the property. That’s not all, in truth but it’s a crucial step. So this Labor Day we are hitting the phones, tweeting and emailing everyone with a plea. Help!


We know so many people who complain about the growing divide between haves and have nots. When presented with a method to address these issues most close their mouths and wallets. There is a new movement on the rise exemplified by the Social Capital Markets. We have no doubt that this coming week we will connect with people who are really concerned about social good and willing to open their wallets. The problem is timing. The deadline for sending the earnest money is tomorrow, open of business on the east coast. We need a really good Hail Mary pass.

Our desire to acquire this particular piece of property is closely tied to our concern for the increasing poverty in our area and the fact that even without a license to grow weed (medical of course) we could create a significant economic engine by putting in aquaponic food production and a renewable energy farm to name just two of our non-cannabis associated projects.


SEC regulations allow us to collect up to $15M in crowd funding. So we’re asking everyone out there who really would like to see the underdogs win one to pony-up.


Our CrowdRise is https://www.crowdrise.com/bronzevilleurbandeve or


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