Top Chef?

Top Chef?
What they really should have said was no way Tom. Nick is a loser.

Bloggers have the latitude to write about whatever they like or in this case don’t like. So, today I am expressing my absolute disgust for this season’s finale awarding the title of “Top Chef” to Nicholas Elmi.  If you don’t follow this “reality” show here’s a quick description.  A bunch of chefs compete for cash and notoriety by facing cooking challenges.  Judges look at taste, presentation, creativity and at each juncture someone gets eliminated.  Usually I completely agree with their decisions even though taste a vision has yet to be invented but this season I have to wonder if the viewing audience didn’t really hear the comments of the judges and we didn’t actually see what appeared to happen on screen.

The season came down to two contestants, afore mentioned Nick Elmi and Nina Compton.  I watched the judges’ panel comment on Nick’s dishes all season, lacking simple things like salt.  He was up one week and down the next, hot and cold, inconsistent.  Nina, on the other hand was pretty consistently on the top.  She showed creativity, good presentation and offerings often described as delicious. Her fellow chefs respected her talent and her character.  Nick offered some not so great plates but dished up enough bad behavior to rival some of the most renowned bad boys of the culinary world.  During the last challenge he threw a tantrum that was audible to diners in his restaurant!

Then there was this incident. The competitors have a challenge known as the Quick Fire. These are short contests in which they have to whip up a theme dish with the hope of pleasing some guest judge.  The winner may get anything from a car to cash but the most coveted is “immunity”.  This means that no matter how badly you do in the full on next challenge; no matter what under developed, tasteless thing you present for judging, you get to stay in the competition.  Boy did Nick take advantage of that!  He won a Quick Fire.  His fellow team mate had the best dish of the evening but she got eliminated because he had immunity.  Even show host, Padma said on camera she hoped he would take himself out of the competition. I guess he made the right decision to stay because in spite of his bad boy outburst, throwing a team mate under the proverbial bus and not seasoning dishes with something as elementary as salt, he won!  I don’t get it and neither did the fans.  Here are a few quotes that appeared on the Bravo Top Chef fan pages:

THE most disappointing season finale ever!!!  Honestly not sure if I can watch this show again.

Oh my goodness!  I too just wanted to "yell" about this finale!  They should have gotten rid of "Nicky baby" weeks ago!  He reminds me of a young, fit throwing child!  

He has gone against every thing RIGHT the whole season. 

And maybe we should hook him up with John Bahner (not sure of the spelling)!  They could cry together!

And like someone else said, I am not sure I want to watch next season!

Nina...hats off to you!  What a classy lady!  Good luck to you. (You could teach that fat pregnant old girl how to tuck her fat boobs in her dress!)

One more season over....

I have never been more disappointed in the finale of this show. There is no doubt that Nina should have won. She was excelled this entire season. Nick should have gone home a long time ago. Even the judges admitted that Nick should have gone home and the only reason he didn't is because he had immunity and he wasn't man enough to take himself out and instead sent Stephanie packing. Makes me think twice before watching this show again. Nina, you're a classy lady! If you ever see this - I wish you the best. You're a great chef and an even greater person.

Viewers can only judge what they see based on the show's content (yes, we can't taste the food) but there is no doubt that someone (Tom?) on that panel wanted Nick to win. Think back viewers, how many times has grumpy Tom bashed contestants for lack of seasoning? How many times has he been appalled at bad service? How many times did we see Nick with the "no seasoning" comment this season? Far too many, yet other chefs were canned and he stayed. Padma even said it....are we allowing someone to go to the Finale who cant season their food? I'm sure Nick is a great Chef, but no way should he have been Top Chef. Bad call judges. I'm done with Top Chef.

I love Top Chef, one of my favorite shows, but I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the results. Nina was the clear winner to me. She was consistent throughout the entire season, whereas Nick was constantly on the bottom. So very DISAPPOINTED Bravo. Nina was ROBBED.

I don't know if BRAVO actually read these blogs, but I only signed up on this to make my opinion known to BRAVO and the "judges"  it was the most disappointing finale ever!   Nina was totally robbed and if there was indeed a "tie" or thinking it was too close to call... then NINA should have won by her past performance and awarding the HOT TMPERED Nick who has been on the bottom almost every performane... this title was truly an injustice!   SHAME BRAVO....shame!  :-( 

It should have been between Shirley and Nina....

I was very disappointed at the outcome of the finale!  I thought Nina was clearly the winner and was happy she at least won fan favorite!!  She surpassed him all season with her consistency in the kitchen.  Too be sure when it came to a tie, that would have come into play.  And, with Nick screaming and cursing at the staff with the entire restaurant full, you would have thought the judges would have also taken that into consideration!  Just really disappointed in this season!! 


I have truly lost a lot of respect for this show, given this finale debacle.  The name of the show is "TOP Chef" not "Most Improved Chef”.  The fact that they opted to give victory to a Chef who has been inconsistent the entire season, would otherwise have been eliminated if it weren't for immunity over a Chef who has been consistent the entire season, makes me truly wonder what ridiculous criteria is used in deciding a winner, especially when the finale performance was neck and neck.  What were they going the for the "underdog angle"?...just been hit with the reality that this is ultimately a t.v. SHOW and not a true competition.

In the real world, if you go to restaurant the one where the food is consistently good stays in business and wins patrons, not the one who's good some days and off others but has the potential to be great.

You disappoint me Top Chef, you've lost my respect and potentially my contribution to your future ratings.

Are you kidding me judges?  I'm absolutely floored by this finale.  There's no way around it:  Nina was robbed.  As if it needs to be reiterated, Nina thoroughly dominated the entire season and even delivered two delightful extra courses in the finale that went above and beyond the scope of the challenge. In sharp contrast, Nick was at the bottom constantly, struggled to stay in the competition, would have been eliminated if he hadn't had immunity, and worst of all, he screamed at his servers and caused a disruption that the guests could hear.  If it was truly a 2-2 tie, then the only fair thing would have been to tip it in Nina's favor due to her far smoother and more professional service, her season-long consistency and the unanimously enjoyed extra bites she contributed.  I have never disagreed with a finale decision more, and I am not sure I will continue watching the show due to this outrageous injustice.  The most talented chef should win, and that did not happen tonight.  This is how you lose fans, Top Chef.  


And to be fair, unlike the judging of Season 11, let me put in the two, count them two people who felt the decision was correct.

You see, I saw it differently.  I felt Nina won the first course, both of them won the second course, and Nick won the third and fourth courses.  That leaves Nick with two winning dishes and Nina with only one winning dish.  Nick deserved to win.

I'm amazed that people are surprised by the finale...

Nick Elmi already has a very successful  and acclaimed restaurant. Besides he was the only one that created a character that peaked at the right time.

HIs last tasting menu also was a perfect crescendo that ended in a perfect note.

Great TV!

Top Chef?  I don't think so.

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