Skype: A New Curse Word

Skype: A New Curse Word

I am one of those people who when confronted with a stream of curse words on the street, on public transportation or elsewhere that don’t seem to have any relevance to the spouting person being angry or momentarily in the throes of pain because they have just dropped a big weight on their foot, am not amused.  Cursing was not de rigueur when I was growing up.  Call me an old fogy if you like.  I’ve been called worse.  I have to admit there are times when curse words just are required to make a point like when you hit your thumb with a hammer and it is vibrating with pain.  Cursing helps somehow.  Recently I’ve found a new reason for cursing, Skype!

We have had a Skype account for years.  We have had a Skype subscription for years.  We never let it lapse because we have globetrotting adult kids who live all over the place.  One in particular migrates countries like some birds migrate with the seasons.  Currently she’s in Europe but has been known to set down in Mali, China and Lebanon.  One son went to Germany years ago and never came back.  I must add that he has provided us with two incredibly beautiful granddaughters and a wonderful daughter in law. So as you may guess Skype is a great thing to have.  That was until my husband lost the credit card to which our account has been attached.

He diligently went to the account information to UPDATE the information…no good, doesn’t work…can’t do it.  Most normal services then have a telephone number to a help desk or an email or even a live chat but not Skype.  Within weeks our subscription had disappeared.  My poor frustrated husband finally managed to recreate our account subscription.  Microsoft bought Skype.  We thought great now maybe there will be a way to contact these people to find out why we have paid for a subscription and can’t make calls because every time we try we are told to buy Skype credit!!  WE HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION!  We should not have to buy anything. 

My husband has been spewing those words of which I am not fond but I can’t blame him.  This is frustrating.  I tried to help.  I took a screen shot of the message and emailed it to the people who now supposedly offer help for Skype users.  I patiently waited until the holidays were over for my next foray into Skype outside number calling.  Guess what?  Same damned message we’ve been getting about buying credit.  So, I have decided that SKYPE deserves to be a curse word (similar to my use of FRACK or FRACKING).  You can get Skyped and that’s a bad thing and SKYPE you is just awful!

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