I Need to Watch Fox News

I check in to Facebook fairly regularly.  I never know when one of our children has posted some new photographs of the grandchildren.  I also have a group of friends who post items not so interesting).  The alerts about stuff on Fox news I don’t know how to categorize.  I wish I could just stop clicking on the links.  I’m certain people are making these things up and Fox couldn’t possibly be airing this bizarre nonsense.  If they do, isn’t this some sort of gag show?  It certainly can’t be the news.  Here’s an example.

This morning I clicked on a link. I was not aware that women pay more for health care than men.  Apparently under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that will change but David Samadi, M.D. of Lennox Hill hospital thinks women should continue to pay more because women go to the doctor more frequently.  What?  It is true women have a tendency to do PREVENTIVE care.  Samadi says we women live longer.  Duh, maybe that’s because we do preventive maintenance.  Maybe men should take as good care of their bodies as they do of their cars.  Ever known a guy who didn’t change the oil or get a tune up?

Samadi’s solution to health care? Have everyone pay for their diagnostic tests in either cash or charge.  That’s a great idea.  Poor people just die and relieve the world.  Of course he wasn’t that heartless.  He suggested that everyone should have catastrophic health care coverage.  We will certainly need it if most people can’t pay for diagnostic tests or preventive medicine.  It doesn’t matter that one of the reasons for our rising health care costs is uninsured people getting medical care via the emergency room.

Dr. Samadi also stated that women have more body parts than men.  What medical school did he go to?  He mentioned breasts.  Last time I checked men have those too.  They also get breast cancer.  A quick survey of anatomy tells us women and men both have kidneys, ureters, urethras.  The male urethra is longer.  This does afford them some protection from infection but men are more susceptible to stricture and a condition called stenosis (narrowing). Boys have a penis; girls have a clitoris.  So far we’re pretty similar.  Boys have testicles.  Girls have ovaries.  Males, appendix testis; girls have fallopian tubes.  The list of anatomical parts goes on but oddly enough when you finish the list boys have MORE parts.  They have vas deferens and seminal vesicles, no counterpart in girls.  I need to watch Fox news because surely a practicing urologist (a branch of medicine that centers on the medical and surgical treatment of the male and female urinary system and the male reproductive system would know anatomy.  Maybe doc missed the lectures on the female reproductive system.  Fox news must be intended for amusement.  Everyone needs to laugh, so maybe I need to watch Fox instead of the occasional click and chuckle.

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