Carsonectomy: A Procedure for Ben Carson Cure

Carsonectomy: A Procedure for Ben Carson Cure

I wish I could say I have nothing but love for brother Ben Carson.  What I do have is a mixture of loathing, disbelief, pity, disgust, sorrow, anger and a tiny bit of love because he is a human being.  I just cannot comprehend how a black man in America can equate affordable medical care with slavery!  I am particularly aghast because Ben Carson is a retired physician.  He made is money and his fame in medicine.  He operated on conjoined twins.  Those were really difficult surgeries, requiring a very skilled neurosurgeon.  Those procedures brought him instant fame but I have to wonder how many low profile brain surgeries did not make it under his knife because the people didn’t have health insurance.  I wonder how many died from their operable conditions or at a minimum suffered needlessly.

I have other reasons for wondering how the good doctor can form his mouth to say the incredibly heartless comments likening health care to slavery. Ben came from the most humble beginnings possible, inner city Detroit, divorced parents, and poverty.  His mother worked like a “slave” to keep he and his brother fed, clothed and with a roof over their heads.  Ben knows poor.  He also knows the anger and violence that often germinates from the meager soil of poverty.  Ben himself developed a mean streak, an uncontrollable temper that erupted in attacks on other children including stabbing another child and taking a hammer to his mother. Yes, Ben knows conduct disorder, a psychological condition occurring before age thirteen in which one bullies others, attacks with intent to harm and displays other anti-social behaviors.  So it is even harder for me to understand how he of all people can equate affordable medical care to slavery.  He was a definite candidate for counseling.  I’m sure his mother couldn’t pay for that kind of care.  Most poor inner city kids with his behavior go to prison.  Mental health care in this country is deplorable especially for the disenfranchised poor people of all races.

This is the situation from which brother Ben was spared.  A black boy exhibits anti-social behavior at school.  He attacks his classmates. Since the inner-city school now has armed security on the grounds this is a dangerous situation. The child will probably be taken into custody by the police.  The parent(s) have few choices.  This kid has attacked his mother and there are other children in the home.  Mom is terrified and can’t take him back.  The authorities are called to “encourage” mom to retrieve this hellion from jail at her personal risk.  If she doesn’t come to get the boy, the State will penalize the parent for deserting a minor.  Mental health options are few especially if you are poor and without insurance.  So, after multiple attacks on classmates and others, this boy goes from juvenile to career criminal, a permanent part of the prison industrial complex. Ben got lucky. 

His recent statements regarding affordable care show extreme disregard for the working poor, the struggling middle class (if we even consider that class exists) and especially black people.  As a black woman I am appalled.  Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work (Wikipedia).  Slavery is children being sold to pedophiles.  Slavery is what our people, mine and brother Ben’s suffered.  From that bitter root grew his mother who stuck with him even after he attacked her.  The determination his mother showed to get him where he is today sprang from the roots of slavery and survival.  How dare he compare providing health care to the horrors of slavery!

Maybe this is his ploy to get on the ticket as the Republican presidential candidate.  Maybe if the Republicans can stick a black man in front of us we’ll forget that he is a  traitor to the memory of all those who went before him, in chains, grief and lynching to earn him the right to show his black face on Fox television. 

In 2006, Carson received the Spingarn Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the NAACP.  Perhaps the NAACP should retract the honor.  Yes a Carsonectomy is in order.  Cut him out, excise him from any consideration.  Think of him as a Michelle Bachman with a penis or a Cruz with a really deep tan.  He is under no circumstances a black man worthy of honor.

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