The Rahm Factor: Response to Truth B Told

The Rahm Factor: Response to Truth B Told
Voting is color blind. May the best win.

Carl West was not the least bit shy in his straight forward assessment of the guy on the fifth floor at City Hall.  West put the cards on the table when he addressed how little has been done for the black community, the same community that went to the polls to get Emanuel to the 5th.  I do have to disagree with West’s assumption that Emanuel will serve another term. 

Why?  I have not met a single black person who will vote for him to do anything.  I continue to hear on the street that black folks want Toni Preckwinkle, white folks too.  Dear Board President before you check me off your list as a loyal supporter of your current office, I understand you are running for your current office and to my estimation (and most) you are doing a fine job.  So West’s statement that Chicagoans don’t seem to have a viable black opposing candidate is probably true.  I have no doubt that the group West refers to as “wealthy Black elitist folks in Chicago (who) will not risk their comfortable lives donating money or backing a Black face that can not assure them a victory.” is on target. 

The issue is that black folks are not the only folks who don’t want a Rahm repeat.  I recently heard through a Jewish friend that his community of Orthodox people is dedicated to ousting the Mayor.  Maybe Rahm will don a yarmulke and hand out gefilte fish.  Black people are not as narrow - minded as to need a black face for which to vote. Remember we voted for Kennedy, a white Catholic.  What we do need is a viable candidate.  Maybe we need to beat the bushes and find such a person be they White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or bi-racial.  Personally, I would vote for Father Michael Pfleger.  Now there’s an idea!

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