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Occupy: Please classify huge golden parachutes in failing businesses as Ponzi Schemes

Occupy: Please classify huge golden parachutes in failing businesses as Ponzi Schemes
One of my readers submitted a response to (actually several responses) to comments on my last post, Occupy Haters: Try Arguing with the Math.  I suggested that some of the activity around the bank and corporation bailouts seemed like Ponzi schemes.  Of course my reader shot back that perhaps I should look up the definition... Read more »

Occupy Haters: Try Arguing with the Math

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Math is the universal language. Try understanding the Occupy Movement by looking at the math.    

Seasons Grettings from an Occupier

Seasons Grettings from an Occupier
I received this from the OccupyChi movement.  No author was mentioned. However I hope he or she won’t mind this post.  I wanted to make sure others got a chance to enjoy this. Twas the year before an election and all through the land Millions were jobless And in need of a hand Tax cuts and... Read more »

#FF:Even God Don’t Like Wal-Mart!

#FF:Even God Don’t Like Wal-Mart!
I admit I added the first part of the title to take advantage of the trends for today.  I will not apologize.  I just had to grab your attention.  If you are a Wal-Mart shopper, shame on you and this blog won’t go over real big with you.  If you dislike Wal-Mart as much as... Read more »

Occupy: A Mother and Daughter Debate

Report · 10:22am R u there? Report · 10:22am Yeah why? 10:25am Chicago now bloggers will be jamming the servers on December 5th at 10am our time.  We are all posting  our ideas, thoughts pro or con on Occupy movements.  Also there are knitting sites on Facebook already delivering knitted items to Occupy sites.  I’ll send... Read more »

Occupy: Guest Blog from an American in Beirut

The following is a guest blog from my daughter in Beirut About my guest blogger in her own words: Who is Me? I am a teacher, a traveler, and an epicure. I suspect most of what I write about will fall into categories commiserate to these interests. Beirut is a city that provides well for all... Read more »
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