Occupy: Shop 'Til They Drop

Occupy: Shop 'Til They Drop

OK, I admit it.  I’m on an Occupy streak.  I can’t help it.  The movement is so tied to survival in so many ways as to well…just leave me spellbound.  How so you may ask?  Let me count the ways.

In my humble opinion the 99% have few investment dollars in big oil, fossil fuels and or corporations seeking to dismantle the EPA.  Just look at the latest news from Canada.  The Canadians are withdrawing from Kyoto talks.  Is anyonesurprised?  I think not.  Just look at all the dollars invested in the XL pipeline.  Environmentalists think this one project could sign our doomsday letter.  SMACK! No more outs except leaving the planet.  Of course some of the 1% have already booked passage.

Some of the 1% are raising hell about funding to alternative sustainable energy companies yet continue pushing for tax cuts to big oil.  They have big lobbies.  This leads to my next connection.

The 99% are fighting to kick corporations off the Hill (D.C. that is).  This is directly related to getting the long monetary fingers of corporate out of the American tax till and getting their collective foot out of the backsides of elected officials.  In turn this too is directly related to environmental policies.  On top of that, big corporations like Wal-Mart run local businesses out of communities;don’t put money back into the community.

I have a particular beef with Wal-Mart and minority communities like mine but that is for another day. Occupiers have come up with some suggestions for kicking the banks too big to fail in the crotch as well.  Move your money to small locally sponsored banks and credit unions being just one. This is yet another foray into enemy territory.  Is it green? Hell yes, anything you do locally is a help to the environment.  Your support of local banking and funding institutions might just help open a locally owned business.  In fact, demand that funds be allocated for just that.

Suffice to say I am, in general, a sympathizer with the Occupy movement.  I regularly peruse the national and local sites to keep track of my favorite projects like campaign finance reform.  Today I got an email that lead me to the “Alternative Day of Action” December 10th
page.  People were invited to either vote for one of the ideas already submitted or add another idea.  This is a democratic process in action.  The top contenders are: (drum roll please)

Flood the Phone Lines and e-mail of Politicians Who Support the 1% with 157 votes and comments pro and con.

Get the Money Out of Politics Rally came in second with 139 votes including one from me.

OCCUPY"BANK OWNED" FORECLOSED HOMES number 3 at 136 votes.  I have to comment on this one.  This was a dual purpose maneuver.  One move a family or group of folks into a bank owned properties which then forces the banks to evict the squatters.  Two, provides shelter in colder climates.


Organize and intentional "Arrest us ALL" occupation at Zuccoti Park with the sole purpose of forcing Bloomberg/NYPD to arrest thousands

A DAY OF SILENT PROTEST. Number 4 with 133 votes

March OnWashington

Organize assemblies to discuss Human Rights in schools

Include citizens that support the movement but can't get out to protests. This would be done by petitions.

boycott black friday and cyber monday. Maybe next year.

OCCUPY YOURDOLLARS. And Occupy Currency(advertise on currency about occupy) both advocate writing Occupy messages on currency.  That would create message circulation all right.

it starts at home grow your own food, buy locally, putyour money in a credit union, support your community, don’t support big
businesses, take care of each other, share your ideas, share your skills, be open to the world, live simply, spread the word, change yourself in the way you want everyone else to change.  I   this one.

World Wide Strike! An open ended general strike that does not end until we create equal rights for all human beings and a true democracy.

Start an accredited Free College This suggestion also came with ways to implement.

Remember that non-violence includes not yelling.

Want to build a truly mass movement? Start candlelight marches into city neighborhoods

Peaceful protest that's also combined with teach-ins on sustainable economies, UDHR, economic bill of rights, peace economy vs. war economy

Occupy vacant urban plots with rogue food gardens and demand more sustainable food policy!

The following is my simple suggestion:

Occupy Shop website

Set up a website with lists of local artisans, locally owned businesses, etc for each city to encourage people to shop local for the holidays.A % of profits goes to support Occupy projects and needs. Add products from artists, furniture makers, crafters, etc for sale with a % going to occupy projects. Add a barter section for products and services by each local area. Launch it on the 10th. Imagine a local bakery selling OccuPies for the holidays or 99% knitted caps or whatever.

This coincides with some of the following options that attack the corporate pocket book

When a new catalogue arrives in the mail, send back the order form w/ a note: I will no longer buy from your firm until I see "MADE IN USA"

Boycott stores that don't sell American made products in protest of jobs going overseas for cheap labor (trade deals have decimated our econ

Economic Democracy

They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce. It is time for the workers to make the business decisions where they work on what to produce, how to produce it and what to do with the profits.  APPLAUSE

This holiday season, patronize individual artisans rather than box stores:

At your local arts and crafts fairs, at local galleries and gift shops, and on wonderful online sites like etsy.com and deviantart you can find unique, custom made gifts for the holidays made by individuals, not corporations, and often less than the cost of prison-made Chinese crap at the box stores. The money all goes to people who actually DO something rather than shift money around for a living, supporting craftspersons and artists who are struggling in our corporatized economy and helping their local communities.

A day of barter between 99%ers---to stay away from big box shopping

Of course I like my own idea but one of the reasons may not be evident.  I like it because it is actually using the tactics of the enemy to defeat them.  Put your hard earned dollars to use in several ways.

Support local crafts, artists and businesses:  Many of those represented here are unemployed or under employed.  That doesn’t mean they lack talent. I’m not talking about tee shirts with slogans or campy pins, though they shouldn’t be verboten.    Would you consider buying a holiday gift from this site?  Research suggests that people will pay up to 30% more for a product associated with a social cause.  I got this from some Northwestern University business students.

I’m an idea person.  I certainly would leave the logistics to some of the incredibly smart folks in Occupy movements worldwide.  The gist is to CREATE rather than just COMPLAIN.  Create a method to bring in money instead of begging via donations.  Donations are good but they will not sustain us for the long haul.  This movement cannot afford to be stopped!  If shopping can be made a positive thing, I can only say shop 'til they drop!  They being big business.

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