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Eric Cantor and the Chicago School of Economics or shall we say Disaster Capitalism Courtesy of Naomi Kline

This blog certainly is not about sustainability in Bronzeville. Sorry, but I couldn’t sit still this morning until I wrote and posted it. I am absolutely shaking in my undies with outrage. I received an email this morning from CREDO action. Below are the first few lines of the communiqué. Vermont is under water. New... Read more »

No Fish Allowed

No Fish Allowed
  Headline: Aquaponic farming operations taking root May 25, 2011|By Christopher Weber, Special to the Tribune Not so fast. That was last May and aquaponics farming doesn’t seem to be any closer to becoming reality.  There are a number of Chicagoans including the Plant, 312, Greens and Gills and a couple right here in Bronzeville,  along with... Read more »

Legacy = Sustainability

According to Merriam Webster legacy is defined as something  transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.  Of course most of us consider the  following definition when we hear the word, a gift by will especially of money or other personal property: bequest.  There are some women in and around... Read more »

Home for us is Bronzeville

Home for us is Bronzeville
The composite photo on this blog represents the past, the present and something of the future for Bronzeville. Russell Lee captured the look and feel of Chicago’s Bronzeville in the 1941 photograph known as Negro Boys on Easter Morning. We caught a bit of Bronzeville spirit in the Time to Unite mural adorning the walls... Read more »

Bronzeville is not a Food Desert….WTF!

  The federal  government has taken on quantifying, categorizing and computerizing locations of food deserts.  In case you don’t know what a “food desert is” let me provide you with a not so brief set of definitions. Judy Jones, in “The fast food trap,” The Observer, January 21, 1996 seems to provide the first incidence... Read more »

OMG(reen)! or Americans Oh More Greedy

Who: I’m a new kid on the blogger block. What:  One of the requirements of blogging it seems, is to find categories in which to place your words of wisdom.  I thought how tough could that be?  So I checked out the available categories on ChicagoNow.   I want to make sure I get this right.... Read more »
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