The Broke Bachelor's Guide to Free Nico Vega.

Free Nico Vega sounds like a political movement.

All right everyone. I have a regular blog that will be posted in about a day or so (Holiday weekends=procrastination on all fronts), but in the meantime, here's this:

The record label of one of my favorite bands, Nico Vega, is giving away a prize pack that includes several new releases from bands like Shiny Toy Guns and Dirty Heads. And of course, Nico Vega's latest EP "Fury Oh Fury".

Thought I'd pass it along. Nico Vega has been rocking my world for years, and it's time more people heard their tales!

For the record, I stand to make nothing off of this. In fact, I hope for one the following:

1. I win the contest! Mwahaha!....alright, fine, I promise to share.

2. You win the contest, and share the music with someone you'd think would like it.

The link is below, along with a YouTube video of their single "Beast". Enjoy!


Five Seven Music Giveaway!








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