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For some reason this holiday season feels a little different. It all started for me with Black Friday, hearing the reports of the malls and shops having way more empty stores and early morning shopping adventurists! It was reported by the news media that this was the first time in quite some time that business had stalled to this magnitude, the slowest in years.

Honestly this holiday season I have been the most calm I've ever been at this point in the Christmas season.... It's just been a different feel in Chicago this year. Matter of fact, there's a different feeling going on around the country and the world in my opinion. Every day for weeks now we've been hearing of one power figure after another being brought up on accusations of abuse. The fires are finally calming in California (I feel like the whole state has practically been on fire from this point of view!).  Then the fiasco in Washington. Closer to home I'm really not thrilled with the constant reports in the news of random robberies and carjackings...and of course the shootings around the city and suburbs.

All of these incidents collectively can weigh on one's spirit, if allowed. I'm not allowing it. This for me s a time that I am now focused more than ever on my priorities. I am looking forward THIS Christmas season to spending time with family and friends and assessing my steps for 2018. It has been an eventful year, insightful year, a thrilling year  and a year of growth! As you reflect on what's important to you during this season, don't forget to out some time to spend some of it with you! Adequate self-care will be the key to moving forward successfully in 2018 in business and in life. Wishing you well and all the best!

Happy Holidays....

Love & Peace,


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