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Eleven Top Reasons to Watch Fringe

In the alternate universe, which the show travels to in seasons two and three, the Fringe Division is a very powerful entity in charge of monitoring and containing the dangerous "singularities" that occur in that world.
After “LOST” disappeared off of our television screens, I wasn’t sure there would be anything that could come close to the drama and excitement of the ABC drama. While that’s certainly true, the best drama on television in this writer’s humble opinion is Fox’s “Fringe,” from LOST creator JJ Abrams.  Part “Twilight Zone,” part “X-Files,”... Read more »

My Baseball and Television All-Stars

My Baseball and Television All-Stars
by Steven Leventhal All-everything Albert Pujols Since the MLB All-Star game takes place tomorrow and the Emmy nominations were announced a few days ago, it gave me the idea to create my own All-Star team from the world of television.  First, here’s my ballot for the baseball contest: My AL Ballot:  1B Paul Konerko, 2B ... Read more »

More LOST reaction

And the comments keep pouring in…The Marquee Blog on CNN  “So – that was a real curveball, those last five minutes. A lot of it was very fitting, it definitely took us on an emotional journey, and there were so many moments that moved me, and really worked. But, those last five minutes will certainly... Read more »

Paradise Lost - a "LOST' blog

“This is the end, beautiful friend.This is the end, my only friend. The endOf our elaborate plans. The endOf everything that stands, the end.No safety or surprise, the end.I’ll never look into your eyes again.” To get some inspiration to write this wrap up, I decided to listen this epic song from The Doors debut... Read more »

Paradise Lost - a "LOST" blog

Unlike today’s sports teams that have computerized scouting reports and armies of assistants to break down opposing teams, I have but my three reporter’s notebook pages of notes to guide my analysis of last night’s “LOST.”  Well, occasionally, I sneak a peek at Doc Jensen’s column on for inspiration, as well as to know... Read more »

Paradise Lost - a "LOST" blog

This entry is a few days late.  Think of it like a make up for a rainout.  Or in our case, a flood out,  Here is the proof.  Before I begin the discussion, a friend asked if I could explain the show.  I said, “How much time do you have?”  To which he replied, “Not... Read more »

Saturday Night's Allright for Fighting

By Steven Leventhal My Saturday night special is a triple treat. One movie review along with two TV blogs. I took in an afternoon matinee of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” This is the film adaptation of Stieg Larssons book reviewed previously.  You will also get my recap and thoughts on “LOST” and “Fast... Read more »

LOST Links

Lost fans:  Here is my starting lineup of top LOST links for those of us who can’t enough of the show. SS – LOST-TV Forum.  Great lost discussion forum, a always humorous caption contest, and some great contributors and moderators. Oh, and you can also discuss virtually every other TV show there as well.  I... Read more »

Wednesday TV Wrap

By Steven Leventhal Here’s a trifecta of television reviews, including “24,” LOST, and “V.”  TiVoGirl asked me to pinch hit for her “24″ review, and since she got me hooked on the show, I’m happy to oblige. Katee Sackhoff as Dana Walsh I suppose I’d call the episode something like “Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be... Read more »
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