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Song Of The Day by Eric Berman - "Fish Heads" by Barnes And Barnes

Song Of The Day – “Fish Heads” by Barnes and Barnes Went ocean fishing today and brought in 45lbs of Spanish mackerel and Bluefish. Saw lots of fish heads today…made me think of this 1979 classic and the video that goes with it. “Eat them up, yum!”

Movie Review - Bad Teacher

Movie Review - Bad Teacher
Timberlake and Diaz by David Schuster Remember the movie “Bad Santa” with Billy Bob Thornton? That movie was hilarious and good. “Bad Teacher” on the other hand is neither. In fact it was just the opposite. Incredibly non funny and plain junk. “Bad Teacher” stars Cameron Diaz who still has that kick ass hot body but... Read more »

Movie Review - Bridesmaids

Movie Review - Bridesmaids
by David Schuster Finally a movie that you truly can laugh at and I mean… really loud. “Hangover 2” was a complete dud and “Pirates of the Caribbean” was plain stupid. Added to that the Bulls elimination and nothing but mediocre (at best) baseball for the next four months and I needed my humor bone touched. And touched... Read more »

Movie Review - "Arthur" with Russell Brand

by David Schuster It might have been telling that of the two movies that featured Russell Brand that came out last weekend it was the animated movie that garnered more money. Yes it was “Hop” that pulled in more cash then “Arthur”. But since many consider Brand to be a cartoon like character maybe it... Read more »

Movie Review - Your Highness

The evil wizard Leezar.
One critic wrote of “Your Highness,” “What if you wrote a comedy and nobody laughed?”  Granted, there were only half a dozen others in the theater, but they were laughing along with me.  He also wrote “McBride is dull. Franco does his best to invoke ridiculous overacting.”  Some people just don’t get it.  That’s the... Read more »

Movie Review - Cedar Rapids

by David Schuster Reilly, Helms and Whitlock in “Cedar Rapids” A movie that has been getting little fanfare (but should be) is “Cedar Rapids” “Cedar Rapids” is actually two movies pumped into one. It’s both a comedy with some pretty good laughs but it’s also a story of a man who’s conscious and morality wins out over... Read more »

Movie Review - Hall Pass

by David Schuster Sudeikis and Wilson After watching the absolute worst broadcast ever of the Academy Awards I felt the need to cleanse the stench of that show out of my mouth and went in search of a comedy. Why a comedy? Because I didn’t laugh even once while watching the Oscars. Not a laugh,... Read more »

Review - Going the Distance

Review - Going the Distance
Long and Barrymore in “Going the Distance” It’s not to often that one get to see a romantic comedy that wasn’t necessarily written from a girl’s point of view.  This is screenwriter Geoff LaTulippe’s first foray into film writing.  He had been a script reader for the studio for four years. Director Nanette Burstein was... Read more »

Review - Death At A Funeral

By David Schuster The timing was too delicious to pass up. I was just coming from the Vinnie Del Negro firing press conference and I had time to kill before a Sox game so I decided to take in “Death At A Funeral.” Honestly, I’m not sure which was more boring, the press conference or... Read more »
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