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Song Of The Day by Eric Berman - "Run Run Run" by The Who

Song Of The Day – “Run Run Run” by The Who Back when Pete Townshend and company had credibility. Their “A Quick One” album is still killer 45 years later and when played today it still sounds fresh. It’s a shame about Keith and The Ox…it’s more a shame for what they left behind with... Read more »

Psychedelic Time Warp Radio Tonight

Shameless plug alert. Tonight on Psychedelic Time Warp – we present music from The Chocolate Watchband, the Chambers Brothers, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull (live,) Steve Miller (from his first album,) Procol Harum (from their debut – and it’s not “Whiter Shade of Pale”) Spirit, and Grateful Dead. Comedy from Bill Cosby and George Carlin. Sound... Read more »

My 11 Favorite Guitarists of All-Time

Buck didn't create the "jangly guitar" sound, as it's been around since the Byrds and likely before, but the textures he's brought to R.E.M. give him my nod over the more prodigiously-talented Jeff Beck. The simple, sly solo on this song is one of my favorites:
I once was asked, on some silly Employee Profile questionnaire, to name my favorite sound. I gave a glib, innocuous answer like, “The ding of the microwave (because it means lunch is ready).” But in truth, I should have said, “The opening riff of “You Shook Me All Night Long,” the run of harmonics on... Read more »

Today in Music History: Roger Daltrey

On this date sixty-seven years ago, Roger Daltrey is born in Hammersmith.  Unlike two of his bandmates, he didn’t die before he got old.  Here The Who do this early anthem at Woodstock:      

Song of the Day - "How Much I Booze" by The Who

by lpcdsounds “However Much I Booze” by The Who from the 1975 album “The Who By Numbers.” Here we have Pete Townshend looking in the mirror and not liking what he sees. “I see myself on TV. I’m a faker…a paper clown…” I’ve got to admit…I haven’t liked what I’ve seen from ol’ Petey since... Read more »
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