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Goodbye (for now) to The Good Wife

I finally got around to watching the season finale of “The Good Wife.” Thank goodness for DVR’s.  Between covering sporting events and late night studio time, most of my network tv watching (except for sports) is time shifted.  It is also so much easier to watch a show when you can zip through an hour... Read more »

Paradise Found - a Hawaii Five-O blog

actor Christopher Shyer First, a quick word about “The Good Wife.”  Last night’s episode had Christopher Shyer, who plays Marcus on “V” as a doctor who discriminates against patients who lead a “wild” lifestyle in their youth and moves a girl off the transplant list.  That’s a big legal no-no, and his hospital got sued... Read more »

Monday Morning QB

Morning’s almost over, but we’ll quickly offer up some thoughts from over the weekend. Kasper and Brenly on Cubs TV Even though I only get the MLB preview for a week, it is so much fun to zip around to different games, and to hear the different announcers.  Chip Caray was doing the Braves, and... Read more »

Unbelie-V-able - a "V" blog

The five musketeers really had me thinking they had a chance to take out the evil “V” queen Anna last night.  Of course, the attempt failed, but pointed out how nonsensical the writers of this show are.  Are you really going to have me believe that 1) you would provide security for a high value... Read more »

Unbelie-Vable - a "V" blog

Leelee Sobeski Before I get into my weekly stab at “V,” I’ll give a shout out to “The Good Wife” for another interesting, if slightly more credible drama.  That episode involved the son of one of the firm’s wealthier clients, and his girlfriend, played by Leelee Sobeski (Eyes Wide Shut) who is a version of... Read more »

Midweek Musings

Midweek Musings
Happily engaged Royals The morning shows had wall to wall coverage of the royal engagement in England.  My wife comments, “Is that Princess Diana’s ring?” In the meantime, I’m thinking, “Wow, what a nice rack!” The other big story appears to be that Bristol Palin made the final three on “Dancing With The Stars.”  No... Read more »

TV Watch - Glee, Good Wife, and DWTS

TV Watch - Glee, Good Wife, and DWTS
Talk about the lesser of three evils.  One, that I watched an episode of Glee.  Two, I’ve become hooked on “The Good Wife,” or three – that Bristol Palin is still on “Dancing with the Stars.” Fox and Dushku Don’t get me wrong – I don’t watch DWTS.  I get those updates from my wife. ... Read more »
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