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TV Review - Franklin and Bash

TV Review - Franklin and Bash
Meyer and Gosselaar This critic finally got around to watching TNT’s new legal dramedy (half drama – half comedy) about a couple of street lawyers with some rather unorthodox courtroom tactics, and I must admit, it was rather funny. It seems to be a bit of a hybrid between Ally McBeal and LA Law. Jared... Read more »

Monday Morning QB

Morning’s almost over, but we’ll quickly offer up some thoughts from over the weekend. Kasper and Brenly on Cubs TV Even though I only get the MLB preview for a week, it is so much fun to zip around to different games, and to hear the different announcers.  Chip Caray was doing the Braves, and... Read more »

A Preview of the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards

  The peacock network will be bringing the 62nd Primetime Emmy’s into your living room this Sunday.  We turn to our expert, TiVoGirl for a preview of what to watch for:   Julianna Marguilies looks to win for Lead Actress in a Drama     Outstanding Drama - I predict either Mad Men or The... Read more »

My Baseball and Television All-Stars

My Baseball and Television All-Stars
by Steven Leventhal All-everything Albert Pujols Since the MLB All-Star game takes place tomorrow and the Emmy nominations were announced a few days ago, it gave me the idea to create my own All-Star team from the world of television.  First, here’s my ballot for the baseball contest: My AL Ballot:  1B Paul Konerko, 2B ... Read more »

"V" is for Evil

As much as I have ragged on this show all season, the finale last night actually kept my rapt attention and didn’t have any laugh out loud moments.  Granted it wasn’t as exciting as game two of Hawks-Sharks, but it did have climactic moments and tragic character deaths.  Ship’s doctor Joshua gave it up for... Read more »

Monday Afternoon QB - Flash Forward, V, and More Ramblings

Hiya Friends, Another dreary, manic, cool, overcast, (fill in the blank) Monday afternoon.  All the errands are done, emails sent, and I finally got caught up on as much TV as I can cram in for today’s musings.  Thank goodness for DVR’s.  If not, I’d be hopelessly behind in viewing my favorite, as well as... Read more »

"There are no good guys" - a "24" blog

by TiVoGirl This episode was very, very disturbing to me.  I know Jack Bauer’s character, having followed him throughout the eight season run of “24.”  He’s better than that.  In all those years, he did what he had to do, and could always justify it, but never like in the last two episodes.  I know... Read more »

LOST Links

Lost fans:  Here is my starting lineup of top LOST links for those of us who can’t enough of the show. SS – LOST-TV Forum.  Great lost discussion forum, a always humorous caption contest, and some great contributors and moderators. Oh, and you can also discuss virtually every other TV show there as well.  I... Read more »

Wednesday TV Wrap

By Steven Leventhal Here’s a trifecta of television reviews, including “24,” LOST, and “V.”  TiVoGirl asked me to pinch hit for her “24″ review, and since she got me hooked on the show, I’m happy to oblige. Katee Sackhoff as Dana Walsh I suppose I’d call the episode something like “Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be... Read more »
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