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My 11 Favorite American Bands of the '60s

I typically think of Hendrix individually, but it was the JHE that was elected to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, not Jimi alone. Listen to the Are You Experienced album and consider that it came less than a decade after Buddy Holly. At the time, it must have seemed like Martians came to Earth.
On Friday night, I caught an outstanding solo performance by Roger McGuinn, who had been the central figure in The Byrds, one of the best bands of the 1960s. (You can read my review here.) With McGuinn’s famed Rickenbacker guitar still ringing in my ears a couple nights later, I’m inspired to devote today’s Booth... Read more »

Today in Music History: Neil Young

On this date thirty-nine years ago,  Neil Young has the number one album in both the U.S. and the U.K. – Harvest.  It is his fourth solo album.  Here is a well-known song from the album:          

The Top 11 Super Bowl Halftime Performances I'd Still Like To See

Since at Booth Reviews, our lists go to 11, the Tap seem perfect to round this one out (especially since my other choice, Ozzy Osbourne, isn't too far off; perhaps he could do a guest spot).
Now that Snowmageddon–or as I as a movie buff prefer, ApocalypSnow–has almost made Chicagoans forget that Caleb Hanie, in relief of the much maligned Jay Cutler, didn’t miraculously lead the Bears past the Packers, it’s time to pretend that we still care about Super Bowl XLV. I don’t really care who wins–can’t root for the... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "Hitchhiker" by Neil Young from "Le Noise"

Song Of The Day – “Hitchhiker” by Neil Young from the 2010 album “Le Noise” It’s been a while since Neil has put out anything as gripping as this track from his new Daniel Lanois-produced album. The song is reminiscent of the “Trans” track “Like An Inca,” going as far as referencing it in the... Read more »

New Feature - Song of the Day

New Feature - Song of the Day
This new contribution comes from my co-hort Eric, who shall be known going forward by his nom de plume, lpcdsounds.  To wit, today’s entry – “Ambulance Blues” by Neil Young from the 1974 masterpiece “On The Beach.” You’re all not going to like this one bit. Back before Neil became self-important…stopped making viable records…became more... Read more »
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