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My Baseball and Television All-Stars

My Baseball and Television All-Stars
by Steven Leventhal All-everything Albert Pujols Since the MLB All-Star game takes place tomorrow and the Emmy nominations were announced a few days ago, it gave me the idea to create my own All-Star team from the world of television.  First, here’s my ballot for the baseball contest: My AL Ballot:  1B Paul Konerko, 2B ... Read more »

Future Shock - the "Flash Forward" Finale

A quick trip to TiVo land this morning to watch the season, and presumably series ending for FF. In the magic world of television, especially when hatched from the same folks who brought you Disneyland and Toy Story – all things come true.  Our unsuspecting or perhaps expecting characters are seeing all their FF’s come... Read more »

Flashes Before Your Eyes - a "Flash Forward" blog

Watching Flash Forward last night was kind of bittersweet.  It’s a lot like knowing a good friend is moving out of town in a week.  You promise to keep in touch, but know that you won’t.  I guess that’s how die-hard basketball fans felt in Seattle with the imminent departure of the Sonics. As we... Read more »

Monday Afternoon QB - Flash Forward, V, and More Ramblings

Hiya Friends, Another dreary, manic, cool, overcast, (fill in the blank) Monday afternoon.  All the errands are done, emails sent, and I finally got caught up on as much TV as I can cram in for today’s musings.  Thank goodness for DVR’s.  If not, I’d be hopelessly behind in viewing my favorite, as well as... Read more »
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