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Eleven Shuffle Songs this Morning

Today we seek inspiration for the week ahead by using the unpredictable nature of the iPod shuffle to generate some musical food for thought. Herein are the eleven songs that came next on the shuffle setting; 1.    Grand Funk – “Hooked on Love” from the album “Closer To Home” That was a nice funky opening... Read more »

Today in Music History: Mick Ronson

On this date eighteen years ago, Bowie guitarist/producer and Mott the Hoople arranger/member Mick Ronson dies of liver cancer at age forty-six.  He also worked with artists as diverse as David Johansen, Mellencamp, Lou Reed, Dylan, and Morrissey.  Here is something live from his stint in the Spiders from Mars:      

The Internet Radio Project - Introduction

The Internet Radio Project - Introduction
One of the not so secret projects I’m working on is the development of a streaming Internet radio station. I am fortunate to live in a city with nearly eighty AM and FM radio stations.  The sad truth is that most of them flat out suck.  There was a time when radio was a very... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "Andy's Chest" by Lou Reed

Song Of The Day – “Andy’s Chest” by Lou Reed from the 1972 album “Transformer” From the album that gave us classics like “Perfect Day,” “Viscous” and, of course, “Walk On The Wild Side,” comes the song “Andy Chest.” Back in ’72, Reed’s career was in question…yes, he had one of the most influential bands... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed" by David Bowie

Song of the Day – “Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed” by David Bowie from the album “Man Of Words, Man Of Music.”  This songs hails from what many feel was Bowie’s first real album, although in reality by 1969 when it came out he was already a veteran who had been releasing unsuccessful records since... Read more »

Song of the Day - "Move On" by David Bowie

by lpdcsounds“Move On” by David Bowie from the 1979 album “Lodger” The backing tracks to this song sound like they’re played in reverse…although in reality they’re not.  It’s one of the things I’ve always liked about this recording. The “Lodger” album was the third in a series of records Bowie made with Brian Eno in... Read more »
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