Paradise Found - a Hawaii Five-O blog

Paradise Found - a Hawaii Five-O blog

I finally had a chance to catch up on my favorite crime fighting Hawaiians (and one transplanted from New Jersey.)

It is good to see Masi Oka (Max the coroner) get top billing, as well as a lot more lines in the show.  He had a great scene with guest star Greg Grunberg, who was his castmate in "Heroes."  Max says in complete deadpan, "Have we met before?" When the character Grunberg plays, replies that he they haven't, Max still isn't sure, and does the Hiro Nakamura squint.

There is a whole bit where the 5-O'ers take custody of a victim's dog briefly and Steve and Dan have this interchange:

Steve McGarrett: Can you explain to me again why I'm sitting on the back the dog's riding shotgun?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Well, I already told you he needs the window open.
Steve McGarrett: Oh, yes. Right. How else is he going to enjoy his tour of Waikiki?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: You know, for your information, dogs get car sick.

Another episode had Danno getting cursed by dead spirits because he wouldn't wait for a local priest to give the blessing to enter a crime scene in an ancient burial ground.

In the most recent episode, Jenna Kaye returns to tell Steve that her husband is being held captive in North Korea, and needs his help as an escort.  Of course we know from an earlier reveal that Wo Fat is pulling the strings on this one.  Terry O'Quinn, and the rest of the team have to travel to the Korea to rescue Steve after he is captured.  David Keith returns as the Navy SEAL commander who helps out, and Jimmy Buffett plays an old army buddy of Commander White, who happens to live in South Korea, and just happens to have an old helicopter.

Best line is when Buffett offer White and Danno a drink and Williams says he prefers margaritas.

Lots of casualties in this one, including agent Kaye.  She was smarmy anyways.  The new girl, Lauren German as Lori Weston is much hotter.

Another other show I'm watching regularly is Terra Nova, the Fox sci-fi drama about humans who go back to 85 million years ago to escape a dying earth.  It has been a very entertaining and fun show to watch.  There is a good versus evil plot going on with some colonists who left the main colony and do battle with them.  Stephen Lang, the colonel from "Avatar" is the colony commander, who is not only fighting the "Sixers," as the separatists are known, but tells Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara) about corporate interest that threatening the very reason the colony is there in the first place.

Terra Nova has a new episode airing tonight, Hawaii Five-O is on vacation.


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