Movie Review - J. Edgar

Movie Review - J. Edgar
DiCaprio as J Edgar Hoover

I know I'm going against the grain again with the following review but beauty (or lack there of) is in the eye of the beholder.

Most of the critics have called "J.Edgar" a brilliant biopic of the man who led the FBI for nearly fifty years. Hoover was definitely an interesting and complex character, and Clint Eastwood should have been the perfect director to make this an epic flick. But the overriding problem with this movie is that it's boring. The pace is slow, the dialogue is weak, and the makeup is laughable.

As mentioned, Hoover was a complex guy who wielded incredible power and knew just about everyone's secret. The problem is that he had a few secrets of his own. Rumors persisted forever that he was a homosexual before it became more socially acceptable, but Eastwood pretty much keeps you guessing as to whether it's true, or not. Hoover was also known to be a cross dresser, and Eastwood has him in one scene putting on ladies clothes.

As for the makeup, it's a big time failing grade, as Leonardi DiCaprio looks comical with all that extra wax attached to him in Hooover's later years. And the same is true (and even more so) of Armie Hammer who plays Hoover's confidant (and supposed lover.)

I will say that DiCaprio gives it his best to try and play the role of a man that truly few really knew. But I actually think he did a much better job portraying Howard Hughes in "The Aviator."

Another major complaint I have is that this movie kept going back and forth from Hoover's early days to when he was near his end. But it wasn't like they were flashbacks as in the movie, "The Debt." Rather, they were disjointed (almost without meaning) showing different phases of his character and life.

There were some other big names in the movie but they really didn't distinguish themselves - Naomi Watts, Judi Dench, and Josh Lucas, but it's Eastwood himself who let me down the most. He has had a better career as a director then even an actor. He's made great movies like "Flags Of Our Fathers," "Letters From Iwo Jima," "Grand Torino," "Mystic River," and "Million Dollar Baby," just to name a few.

But I was really left lacking with "J. Edgar," and can only muster up an RBI single - one star and a half, for what was a huge disappointment for me.


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