Paradise Found - Hawaii Five-O

Paradise Found - Hawaii Five-O
Terry O'Quinn as Joe White

Monday night's show had so many kills we couldn't keep count.  One of the best parts was the continued increase in screen time for Masi Oka as Max the coroner.

At one point he arrives at Five-Oh HQ in full Inspector Cluoseau garb, and in fact, Danny refers to him as "Inspector gadget."

Dead Navy SEAL's are turning up and Steve and the team investigate with help from Joe White (Terry O'Quinn) who seems to have become an unofficial team member.

Among other things Steve and Chin stumble on a pot growers site, complete with trip wires and high tech surveillance.

In another ironic movieland twist, David Keith from "Officer and a Gentlemen" plays a commanding officer at the Marine base.  In the famous 80's movie, his character Sid Worley quits right before the end of basic training and offs himself.

The episode ends with Kono logging in to the HPD server to get some intel for a dirty ex-cop played by Billy Baldwin. It's nice to see a story arc carrying beyond a single episode.  Of course WoFat and the CIA, agent Kaye are no where to be seen.  Has she gone rouge?

Again, agent Lori Weston has some of the night's best dialogue.  In our first snippet, she's in the car with Dan as they are en route to interview a possible witness.  Note the two movie references.

LW: So how long were you married

D: That clearly has nothing to do with this case.

LW: Oh no, your body language says it does.

D: My body language? My body language says I'm driving, see?

LW: Yeah, No You were rubbing your ring finger. Every guy does that, It just means you were thinking about your own marriage

D: Oh, OK.

LW: I just note the obvious, most men can't handle the truth when it comes to love.

D: We cant' handle the truth.... what are we doing " A Few Good Men?"  What can't we handle?

LW: That marriages fail.

D: What about you? You ever been married?

LW:No, no, I came close once.

D: You came close once?  Close is no good unless you're playing horseshoes or hand grenades. OK, you wither were married or you  weren't married.

LW: No close, like day before the wedding, bought the dress close.

D: Oh, runaway bride. What's interesting to me is that all this guy was doing , all he was doing was trying to save his marriage.

S: that's not what got him killed

D: he did everything he could.  Every single thing he could and it just  wasn't enough

S: OK whose marriage are we talking about?

D: I mean, he takes a leave of absence, OK to give it one last try.  But no.  No.  But see me, If I'd done that,I guarantee you that Rachel and I would still be together today,. OK I wouldn't be talking to Grace on the phone explaining to her why Daddy only gets to see her every other weekend.

S:Why are you blaming yourself, Danny?


Later in the program, we get some good Beatles references as the Five-Oh team goes to Naval intelligence to witness the takedown of a drug cartel


D:  (to Steve)So what, you're not going to tell me about operation Strawberry Fields?

S: No

D: No, no, cause you'd have to kill me?

S: Ditto

D: I'm just curious though, Is there an operation "Abbey Road?  Are you the walrus?  (to John White) Time to Shut up?

JW: Roger that.  [open's a secure door].  Are you ready for the magical mystery tour?





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