Paradise Found - Thoughts on Entourage and Burn Notice Finales

Paradise Found - Thoughts on Entourage and Burn Notice Finales
Eric Murphy and Sloan

Two shows ended their seasons last week.  Burn Notice will return in November, but not before another jilting cliff hanger of sorts.  "Entourage" sailed off into the sunset for good. That is, unless we get served up a follow up movie, a la "Sex and the City."

Perry Reeves plays Ari Gold's wife

Vincent Chase, the perpetual bachelor, got reeled in by the one fish he couldn't catch.  After wooing the sexy writer for "Vanity Fair" every which way, she finally went out with him, and somehow after a twenty-four hour date, he decided that she was "the one."  So the rest of the show was spent getting ready to jet off to Paris for a rush, rush wedding, while uber-agent Ari Gold tried to patch things up with estranged Mrs. Ari, and Eric tried to get some closure with his ex-fiance.

I can't say that the season was one of the better ones, although it was an improvement over last season. Yet, it's like saying the Astros had a better year because they didn't lose a hundred games.  The show is a far cry from the hijinks and wild adventures that made it such a guilty pleasure.  The fun of watching "Entourage" is that it was the ultimate Hollywood fantasy life, and watching someone rehab, or try to mend a broken marriage just isn't as much fun as trips to strip clubs and parties with lots of naked girls.  Even the occasional sports cameos (Alex Rodriguez or Mike Ditka) was mildly amusing. One of the best things in the show was Mrs. Ari looking like the ultimate MILF in her super tight bathing suit, and the always hot Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) whom one can never get enough of.

Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen

By contrast, if you want to watch a show that has improved with age, like a fine wine, check out "Burn Notice."

Our favorite ex-CIA spook, Michael Westen seemed to finally put a wrap on the person who murdered his CIA handler, and nearly went to prison again before his comrades bailed him out, when another old nemesis reappears.  Check out Tim Matheson ("Eric Stratton, rush chairman, damn glad to meet you")  has escaped from a foreign prison and blackmails into doing another job.

Yet, it's never that simple, and Westen unwittingly finds himself back in the game.  Oh, and the CIA still wants to use him for jobs that are even too dirty for their own spies.  Michael Donovan should get an Emmy for his portrayal of the man who can improvise his way out of just about any situation.  MacGyver and his parody version Macgruber only wish they were this adept at wringing out of trouble.  Catch it on USA Network.



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  • The last three seasons of Entourage were a complete and utter bust! Ari became even more of a caricature than he already was, and the plot lines were tired and repetitive....good riddance!

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