Paradise Found - Hawaii Five-O and Unforgettable

Paradise Found - Hawaii Five-O and Unforgettable
Montgomery stars in the new show "Unforgettable"

My apologies for not delivering the Five-Oh review until today, so as a bonus I'll throw in a review of "Unforgettable," which premiered Tuesday night on CBS.  Also that gives anyone a chance who doesn't want spoilers on Five-Oh to look away, since there is no more "read more" option on the new interface.

"Unforgettable" is the creation of John Belluci and Ed Redlich (Without a Trace, Shark, Felicity) about a former Syracuse homicide detective who jsut so happens to be one of those people who can remember every event, conversation, and thing they have seen in their lives.  Carrie Wells gets enlisted by the NYPD to help solve a murder in her apartment building.  As always happens in television, the investigating officer is her old boyfriend, who is now a detective in Queens.

Wells' reason for joining the force was to help in the murder investigation of her older sister.  What little we could glean from the pilot is that is was still an unsolved case, and her inability to cope with that led her to quit the department and work a series of temp jobs and count cards at blackjack to make money.

Now, detective Al Burns (Dylan Walsh from Nip/Tuck) is well aware of Wells' skill set and c0nvinces her to be a "consultant."  Sure enough her attention to detail enables the cops to zero in an old acquaintance with a checkered past, and prevents the wrong person from being accused of the murder.  Michael Gaston, who was in season one of "Fringe," season eight of "24," as well as an episode of "Mad Men" co-stars.  Poppy Montgomery, who plays Walsh is an intriguing, beguiling redhead that you can't take your eyes off of. She really is unforgettable.

Now out to Hawaii.

The writers made good use of their summer vacation by delivering a powerful, dramatic season premiere.  Steve McGarrett, gets into a fight in jail, then escapes custody, attacks a cop, and breaks into coroner Max Bergman's house.  That's just the first six minutes.

Terry O'Quinn from "LOST" is reunited with his old pal Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly.)

When we last left the island, McGarrett was jailed for the murder of Governor Jameson.  We know he was framed, but no one else does, so he escapes to find WoFat.  Quinn plays Lt. Commander Joe White, the man who trained McGarrett as a Navy SEAL.

His sole contribution so far is to point Steve in the direction of an old friend of his dad's which enables them to find some old evidence.  The source of the secret recordings enables Dan and Chin to exonerate McGarrett, and now they are in hot pursuit of WoFat.

WoFat is brokering arms deals while not trying to set McGarrett up, and the Five-O's get their a bit too late.  The show ends with a huge WTF moment as Jenna Kaye, the CIA desk jockey helping Five-O track WoFat, is seen driving him away from the Honolulu prison where he just executed one of his "loose ends."

Funny images:  Max's car keys with a starship "Enterprise" key ring, and "WARP 9" license plate.

More good dialogue, although this time Masi Oka (Max) gets to play.  We need lots more Max.

Danno: What the hell is the matter with you? Huh. What is a matter with you? Breaking out of jail, taking out a cop. have you lost your mind?

Steve: Why are you yelling at me?

Danno: I'm not yelling at you!

Max: Actually, you were expressing yourself in a very loud manner.

Danno: Hey, zip it Kermit! [Max was wearing a green shirt.]

...a little later on after Joe White calls.

Steve: You heard the man, he's got something.

Danno: Yeah, I heard him. You heard him. He doesn't have anything. He's got an address, that's all. Unless master Yoda can send telepathic messages that the rest of us cannot hear.

Max: Actually, Yoda technically didn't have telepathic powers.


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