Paradise Found - Hawaii Five-O and Fringe

Paradise Found - Hawaii Five-O and Fringe
Lauren German plays the new hot FBI agent on Hawaii Five-O

First of all, Fringe is back.  If it wasn't enough to have two of everything, including parallel universes, now we have some kind of alternate timeline.  Where is Peter Bishop?  That seems to be the prevailing theme for season four of television's best drama/sci-fi/out there program.  John Noble continues to show why he is one of the best actors on the small screen.  His oversight from this year's Emmy's is about as perplexing as some of the show's storylines.

This year we opened in this new reality devoid of Peter's existence.  Yet, there were several times when a blurry image of him briefly appeared and only Walter seemed to notice.  There is also an uneasy, cautious truce between the two universes.  If you haven't seen the show, you are probably as lost at these revelations as the Cubs were throughout 2011.

Now out to Hawaii. There's a new hottie in town.  The new governor has asked Lori Weston (no relation to Michael Westen from "Burn Notice") to watch over the newly restored Five-Oh.  Their first case is to investigate the abduction of a fifteen year old paddleboard champion.  That case involves cults, kidnappers, and a cult rescue specialist.  We get a few scenes with Max, and the gang riding horses on Lanai.

Number of kills - > 6

Best lines:

Danno: (after being introducing Weston to Chin Ho) She used to work for Homeland Security.
Chin: That could come in handy
Danno: If she lasts.
Chin: Why wouldn't she last?
Danno: Let's she what she looks like when she's done with Sergeant Slaughter's boot camp.
Steve: What's that supposed to mean?
Let's just try to not get the new girl blown up, kidnapped, or shot on her first day.  That's all. Can we do that Steven?
Steve: (pauses) I...can't guarantee that.

Dan, Steve, and the new girl get some horses for a stealth approach to the cult compound.

Danno: This is the only way in, on an animal? Couldn't we have gotten in in an ATV or golf cart?
Steve: Did you say an ATV?
Danno: I did.
Steve: They would hear an ATV from a mile away, wouldn't they Danny? Your whining is louder than an ATV.
Danno: Mine?
Steve: OK, yeah, you're whining.
Lori Weston: How long have you two been married?

Lastly, Jenna Kaye is looking a bit nervous, but announces she's going back to Langley, as there's a rumor her husband may still be alive.  My guess is that may be what WoFat is holding over her head.  We'll see.


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