Movie Review: "Drive"

Movie Review: "Drive"

I'll say it right up front, the movie "Drive" was a huge letdown. I was led to believe that this was a modern day version of "Bullitt" which starred Steve McQueen and his famous 1968 Mustang. The acting and the story in that flick was topped only by the great chase scenes.

So now 43 years later comes "Drive" and the build up was that Ryan Gosling plays a comparable cool part to that of McQueen and his driving scenes are on par. Well in three words.....Not Even Close.

The producers and directors attempted to make Gosling appear cool but actually they made him look more like a mime or a mute. He barely speaks during the first half of this movie and in the second half he's killing people quicker then Danny Trejo did in "Machete." I happen to like Gosling and he is quickly becoming a major cinematic star but the plot in this flick is stupid and the gore is beyond unnecessary.

Also in this movie are Carey Mulligan who pouts a lot,  Ron Perlman, who is believable as a bad guy, and Albert Brooks. I saved Brooks for last because the casting of him as the mastermind bad guy has to be one of the most laughable things in a long time. Every time I saw him on the screen I thought he was going to crack a joke, but no. Instead, they have him as a heartless honcho who has a nasty habit of sticking knives in people. Needless to say this is incredibly far from "Lost in America" (a classic.)

I wont even attempt to go over the plot because it's inane, but just know that it involves a lot of crime, back stabbing and front stabbing for that matter too.

I was so looking forward to this movie and once again came away disappointed and I'm giving this turkey a weak single, one star.



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  • Very nice movie review about the DRIVE movie. I like the movie. Ryan Gosling An Unnamed Character in the movie and played the character very amazingly.

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