Paradise Found (or Lost) - Burn Notice

Paradise Found (or Lost) - Burn Notice

A glance at the TV ratings for August 1 -7 (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) shows that seven of the top ten shows that week were reality programs, two were drama reruns (NCIS and NCIS:Los Angeles) and one news magazine (60 Minutes, again a rerun.)

It's hard to believe that the supposedly rich and well to do networks serve up this drivel, while some truly entertaining drama toils in relative obscurity on cable networks.

Case in point, "Burn Notice," Matt Nix's show about a "burned" or disavowed spy who puts his special skill set to help out good people who get mixed up with unsavory characters, all why trying to figure out who threw him under the proverbial bus.  This is a top notch show, worthy of any of the three letter networks.

Now in season six, Michael Westen had thought he finally got rid of the splinter group that got him excommunicated from the CIA, only to be set up to look like he murdered another agent.  So while continuing his missions of mercy, he's still accepting some freelance work from Uncle Sam, and trying to figure out who is framing him.

Coby Bell as Jesse Porter

The show has a great assortment of lowlifes, drug dealers, gun runners, and foreign agents.  The best part are Westen's sidekicks.  Gabrielle Anwar as Fionna Glenanne, an uber-hot chick who loves guns and to make things like cars and buildings go boom.  She knows her way around explosives like most girls know their way around a makeup counter. Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) is a former Navy SEAL, turned FBI informant, who always seems to know where to find blueprints, phone taps, money launderers, or other interesting contacts.  Then there is Sharon Gless (Cagney and Lacey) as Michael chain-smoking mother, who helps by harboring some of Michael's clients or playing the old lady in distress to enable the gang to distract the occasional target.  Last year, a new character joined the cast. Coby Bell plays Jesse Porter, a former CIA operative relegated to desk duty, who Michael unwittingly burned in his efforts to uncover the truth.  Westen and company had to win him over, but now as a private security consultant, he helps them with some of their cases.

The star of course is Jeffrey Donovan as Westen, a man who somehow finds a way out of the most dangerous situations, usually by improvising with whatever raw materials happen to be at hand.  Often by taking his way out of trouble.

A great show, a must watch.  Catch it on USA Network.

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