Movie Review - Cowboys And Aliens

Movie Review - Cowboys And Aliens

I'll admit it up front that I'm in the minority in not liking "Cowboys And Aliens." I truly wanted to like it and looked forward to it for months since seeing the initials trailers but when it finally appeared on screen I just found it to be really stupid.

The idea of mixing a western and a sci-fi flick was, and is,  an interesting concept, but how about making the story half believeable.

It starts out with Daniel Craig showing up groggy in the middle of nowhere and he has this strange, ugly bracelet on his wrist.  Little does he know but that bracelet is an alien weapon that eventually he'll use versus the ugly slime creatures. How did he get it, and what's it's origin? Well if you're patient, about 90 minutes in you'll get your answer.  But before he even meets up with any E.T's, Craig lapses back into James Bond and kicks the snots out of a host of cowboys (and they're not from Dallas).

Before we meet Mork or Alf or whatever the Alien's names are, we are introduced to the rest of the human cast. There's Harrison Ford who starts out as a bad tough ass but quickly becomes mush, Sam Rockwell (he's boring), Olivia Wilde (she's hot and who has a secret) and there's Paul Dano (unforgettable in "The Girl Next Door" when he slips on a condom).

And about 45 minutes in (finally), here come the aliens. They are big and ugly and bullets don't hurt them. So of course, later in the movie a bunch of Indians shoot arrows at these slime balls and they immediately go down. Go figure. And these creatures look like all the other aliens we have ever seen. Can't Hollywood come up with anything different? Seriously the only thing missing was Sigourney Weaver.

So we get to the climax of the movie and Bond....I mean Craig,  regains his memory and uses the lethal bracelet to conquer the invading aliens.

Oh, and one other note. Theses aliens are here to mine and take away all our gold. Hey, they're no dummies. Have you seen the price rise over the last five years? It's the best investment going. But do yourself a favor. If you have to invest in "Cowboys And Aliens" do it on Netflix or some other form of cheap rental because it's not worth the $10.oo at the theater. Just a RBI single - one and a half stars for this crazy concoction.



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