Paradise Found - Entourage Returns

Paradise Found - Entourage Returns

This particular column (on Booth Reviews) got it's start in life as a blog about the show "LOST" as Paradise Lost.

It subsequently morphed into "Paradise Found" as outlet for comments and recaps of CBS's reboot of "Hawaii Five-O." I even added snippets about the one and done ABC show "Off the Map."

Since Five-Oh is on summer vacation, we'll move on to La-La land and reach out to another guilty pleasure show, and the only reason I reconnect with HBO for ten weeks every summer.  As Caroline from customer service.  "It's usually one of two shows, "Entourage" or "True Blood" that I'm getting around this time."

Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier,) Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon,) Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly,) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) kicked off their eight and final season of the razor sharp show that skewers the whole Hollywood, star-making scene.

For those unfamiliar, it is loosely based on the life and misadventures of Mark Wahlberg.

The supporting players have also become an integral part of the show, with the most prominent being Jeremy Piven as uber-agent Ari Gold.  That character is based on true life agent to the stars Ari Emanuel.  Gold's personal assistant Lloyd Lee (Rex Lee,) often the target of Ari's anti-everything slurs is another excellent part of the ensemble.

One of my favorite bit players is writer/director Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro.)  He gets asked in the season premier to come to a dry party to celebrate Vince's exit from rehab.  Naturally, he goes to all the AA and NA connections he knows, to recruit hot women to attend the festivities.

Several of last year's plot lines are playing out already.  Eric is asked by the (ultra hot) Sloane (Emmanuelle Chriqui) to move out after he breaks off their engagement.  Drama gets to see video clips of the animated series he was talked into starring in.  Naturally he unbelievably paranoid about ridding the house of all traces of alcohol and drugs.  That doesn't stop Eric or Turtle from hiding a small stash that ultimately proves to be damaging (but not to Vince.)

The producers have promised to make this a memorable swan song.  So far so good.


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