Movie Review-"Captain America"

Movie Review-"Captain America"

Let's see, it had been all of about six weeks since Marvel Comics had come out with another one of it's super hero movies. So on the heels of all their other successes (most recently "Thor" and "Green Lantern") here comes "Captain America."

The Captain America story originates back to World War II when the good old US of A was looking for a super soldier to fight off the bad Nazi's. Captain America was the invention of the army and technology taking a scrawny guy and turning him into a dominating fighting force.

In this movie, Chris Evans plays both the scrawny guy and ultimately the beefed up universal soldier. It's pretty amazing how they take Evan's head and super impose it on someone else's body in the beginning part of the flick. You know that's what they are doing and you try to see how fake it is but special effects have come so far that you just can't really tell and that's amazing.

Evans (who played the human torch in the "Fantastic Four" series) does a pretty good job with the cartoonish role making fun of himself at times while acting semi serious the rest. He's not Superman, but he's damn close what with all the feats he is able to perform.

As mentioned, Captain America is there to overcome the Nazi's and in Hugo Weaving you have a Nazi bad ass for sure. He's actually even worse then a Nazi, but I wont give away the plot. Needless to say, he and the good Captain have a big duke it out scene at the end of the movie.

Tommy Lee Jones adds some comic relief while being a hard ass American officer. Jones is like a fine wine. he just keeps getting better and better, and truly is one of the most under rated actors of his time. And of course there has to be some eye candy so British actress, Hayley Atwell gets that part.

The movie is incredibly hokie at times and the special effects are definitely front and center but the main characters pull it off and keep you entertained even though the movie goes just over 2 hours.

Oh, and one last thing, you can bank on a sequel or two. The end of the movie is set up perfectly for that.

Not a great movie by and stretch, but it was fun if you take it for what it's for....a triple - three stars for "Captain America".


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  • Green Lantern is a prominent figure in DC COMICS, not Marvel.

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