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actor Christopher Shyer

First, a quick word about "The Good Wife."  Last night's episode had Christopher Shyer, who plays Marcus on "V" as a doctor who discriminates against patients who lead a "wild" lifestyle in their youth and moves a girl off the transplant list.  That's a big legal no-no, and his hospital got sued by Lockhart-Gardner.  A great show, and normally stoic Alecia Florrick finally had an emotional moment and broke down.  Also a nice shot of CBS 2's Rob Johnson playing what else, a CBS Chicago news anchor.   Maybe NBA MVP Derrick Rose will get some screen time on the show, as he was mentioned in a episode this season. (See how I worked the sports angle in?)

Five-O had another good murder-mystery that left me guessing until the last minute.

No great Steve- Danno snippets to report, so no real spoilers other that Chino-Ho is still trying to protect his uncle and does something very dumb, that will likely come back to haunt him.

Busy day today.  I'll be live on Zecom Radio with some like rock and roll at noon CT, and then off to Bulls-Hawks this evening.

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