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Larisa Oleynik has a recurring role as CIA analyst Jenna Kaye

The next to the last episode of this season was quite a good mystery.  Don't read on if you don't want the see show spoilers.....

This one had me on the edge of the couch.  First a bungled attempt to arrest Wo Fat.  Why he was being sought all of the sudden, it was not clear.  Instead, Five-O finds Sang Min, who escaped custody from McGarrett in an earlier episode.

Just by coincidence, after chasing Min through an neighboring house, Danny comes in contact with a biological nerve agent.  Thanks to quick thinking by CIA agent Jenna Kaye, doctors identify the toxin. 

James Remar (Dexter, Sex & the City) guest stars as a corporate exec whose extracurricular activities unwittingly put him in the middle of the biological toxin controversy.

McGarrett continues to receive packages with the contents of his father's toolbox.  That's the real mystery of the second half of the season.

In other notes, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what happened in the Fringe season finale.  Several things happened, including a glimpse into the future, and assertions by the Observers that not everything is as it seems.  Check out our story on the Best Reasons to watch Fringe.

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