Movie Review - Thor

by David Schuster

.....Went to see "Thor" last night and as I sit here at Bulls practice prior to game five vs Atlanta I keep thinking the Bulls need Thor on their team tonight. They at least need Carlos Boozer to start playing like the God Of Thunder.
"Thor" raked in $66 million in it's first weekend and will likely eclipse $200 million when it's all said and done. This is the first of numerous Superhero movies for the summer with the "Green Lantern" and "Captain America" still to come.

Thor, if you're not familiar, is the God Of Thunder who has incredible strength and who swings his mighty hammer. Thor walks around with that hammer much like Mike Quade walks around with his fungo bat. Thor is from another dimension or world or who knows what. He is the son of Odin who is played by Anthony Hopkins who again is wonderful.
When Thor does something that his father disapproves of, his father
banishes him to earth where he is just a mortal man, without his
Enter Natalie Portman, who plays a scientist looking into all the strange
occurrences that are going on. Portman sure has made the rounds this
year. From Best Actress in "Black Swan" to canoodling with Ashton Kuchar
in one flick and now making goo goo eyes to a muscle head here in
Ultimately, Thor starts realizing some of the lessons that his father
intended for him and of course overcomes all the bad guys (including his
evil brother who looks like Data (Brent Spiner) from the Star Trek
series, but is actually played by British TV actor Tom Hiddleston.
There are a lot of special effects mixed in with some decent and some
hammy acting. Chris Hemsworth plays Thor and does a pretty good job of
showing his strength (physical and emotional) and his wisdom.
I'm sure this will be the first installment of a series of "Thor"
flicks. And what possibilities we could have as Thor comes back to play quarterback for the Bears. Bet he wouldn't leave with an injury in the
NFC Championship contest.
My rating - a run scoring double - two and a half stars for "Thor."


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