For Mother's Day, My 11 Favorite TV Moms (plus Favorite Movie Mothers as cited by others)

With today being Mother's Day--have a happy one, Mom, and all mothers--I initially thought my post for today would cover maternally-influenced songs.
But with only Pink Floyd's "Mother," John Lennon's song of the same name and ABBA's "Mamma Mia"--which really isn't very motherly--readily coming to mind, I considered switching to "Favorite Movie Mothers."
But even there, I was hard-pressed to name more than a few, at least among those I could call "favorites." So I floated the topic on the Facebook page of the  Chicago Film Discussion Meetup Group.
As you can see just below, I received many great suggestions, but most were well beyond my familiarity. 
So I finally settled on the category of "Favorite TV Moms." Here too, my choices are limited by my own age and familiarity, as I don't hold much particular affinity for Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver in Leave It To Beaver, Donna Reed in The Donna Reed Show, nor even Morticia Addams or Lily Munster. 
You can see my choices in the slide show at bottom and I'll be happy to hear of some of your own. But first, I feel compelled to share many of the great "Favorite Movie Mothers" that were surfaced in my informal poll. In all cases, the name cited is that of the actress, not the character:
Juanita Moore in Imitation of Life; Susan Sarandon in Lorenzo's Oil; Joan Bennett in Reckless Moment; Joan Crawford in Mildred PierceGenevieve Bujold in House of Yes; 
Carol Burnett in A Wedding; Barbara Stanwyck in Stella Dallas; Lillian Gish in Night of the HunterMary Tyler Moore in Ordinary PeopleCecilia Roth in All About My Mother; Kathy Bates in Dolores Claiborne; Anne Ramsey in Throw Mamma From The Train; Irene Dunn in I Remember MamaShelley Winters in Wild in the Streets and Lolita; Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate; Piper Laurie in Carrie; Hye-ja Kim in Mother (my suggestion). And in a bit of a twist, Anthony Perkins in Psycho

Again, I appreciate all the suggestions that were provided and apologize that I couldn't quite list them all. 
The choices below, for "My 11 Favorite TV Moms," are all my own. They are not meant to reflect general popularity, just my own preferences for enjoyable mothers as characterized on television. And once again, Happy Mother's Day. 

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