Eleven Shuffle Songs this Morning


Today we seek inspiration for the week ahead by using the unpredictable nature of the iPod shuffle to generate some musical food for thought.

Herein are the eleven songs that came next on the shuffle setting;

1.    Grand Funk - "Hooked on Love" from the album "Closer To Home" That was a nice funky opening tune.

2.     Elvis Costello - ("What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?" - at least that's what the screen said.  However, I'm hearing "Two Little Hitlers." Just as I suspected, it's the preceding track on "Armed Forces."  Memo to self: fix that one.

3.    Boz Skaggs - "Look at What You Have Done To Me"  ehh, not in the mood - skipped it.

4.    Grease - Grease theme - by the original cast.  Definitely not in the mood.  Couldn't hit the FF fast enough. Obviously, I have musicals in the collection.  It's always good to keep on hand when seeking a compromise with the ladies.  "Lionel Ritchie? Uh, dear....how about some Broadway instead?"

5.    Grateful Dead - St. Stephen - 1-11-1978 at the Shrine Auditorium.  Paying homage to a holy icon of Dead tunes.  Nine minutes of lysergic bliss.


6.    The Clash - Look Here - a great piano riff, with backing vibes, from the debut album.

7.    Grateful Dead - Around & Around - 12/16/1978 - Nashville Municipal Auditorium.  More Dead, this time covering Chuck Berry.

8.    George Carlin - I Used to Be Irish Catholic - excellent,  a little comedy detour from the late, great standup comedian, doing what he did best.

9.    Pixies - No. 13 Baby, from their critically acclaimed "Doolittle."  Quite a transition from the laugh track.

10.    String Cheese Incident - High on a Mountain Top - 10/29/2000 at the Calvin Theater, Northampton, MA.  A little psychedelic, blue grass from the Colorado jam band.

11.    David Bowie - Because You're Young.  The electronic gods did not disappoint, delivering a great guitar intro and typical sounding Bowie fro the "Scary Monsters" album.

Encore: It was so good 9 out of 11, so we asked for an encore and got:
Porcupine Tree - The Creator Has a Mastertape - from "In Absentia." PT sound like a combo of either the Chili Peppers and Radiohead, or Black Sabbath meets Radiohead.

And now, on with the rest of the day.

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