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My old college pal Fred sends out a daily email, which includes a weekly hero and zero.  He's let me reprint it in the past, so I'd like to introduce him to the Booth Reviews audience.  You'll note, it has a slight North Carolina bias, which is OK by me.

by Fred Pearlman

Abe Lemons, Talking about basketball:  "There are only 2 plays.  Romeo and Juliet, and  'put the darn ball in the basket'."
From the other calendar, these actual course descriptions from colleges:
Indiana:    Art & Science of Beer:   We will explore the place of beer in ancient as well as modern life, and the role beer has played in important achievements in microbiology, biotechnology, and physics.
Oklahoma State:    International Beverage Education:  The history of beverages such as wines, distilled spirits, and beers.  Prerequisite:  Must be 21 years of age.
Duke:    Campus Culture and Drinking:  The cultural understandings that motivate and shape undergraduate drinking.
Happy Birthday to Tony Romo!
From nightlines, Jimmy Kimmel:  "John McCain told Newsweek he doesn't really consider himself a Maverick. What kind of man would call himself a maverick for years and then suddenly say he doesn't think of himself as a maverick?  I'll tell you what kind, a Maverick."
For years one of the most storied franchises in Sports  has been the Dodgers.   From Brooklyn to Los Angeles, they've always been a huge part of baseball--and Sports--history.   However thanks to this week's ZERO(s) of the week, Frank and Jamie McCourt, the Dodgers have now been taken over by Major League Baseball.  A bitter--and costly--divorce between the former owners of the Dodgers has made them a complete mess.    There was a story in SI about it in the last couple of years, now it's gotten a lot worse.   If was another franchise it would not be so bad, but the Dodgers?!!?   
EZ choice for HERO of the Week!   For many UNC fans, the only 'Voice of the Tar Heels' they've known is Woody Durham.    (Being from this area and being old enough, I can remember his predecessor, Bill Curry, as can some of y'all)     As everyone knows, Woody just announced his retirement.    It's gonna be VERY strange next basketball season having someone else call the games.   To say Woody is a UNC institution is an understatement.    As many do, I always listen to him while watching a game.    Yes, I've frequently mentioned some of his 'mis-statements' on these daily messages, and perhaps that's one reason he's leaving, as he's no longer at the VERY top of his game.   However there is a good reason he's in the NC Broadcasting Hall of Fame, and has received numerous awards throughout his career.    To once again show my age, I remember him when he was the Sports Reporter for Channel 2 Local news.  And that was a time when you got a lot of your sports info on the 6:00 news!  
Off tomorrow for the Holiday!    HAPPY EASTER to all!

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