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Caroline Dhavernas and Nicholas Gonzalez as Dr. Brenner and Mateo (ABC Photo)

Apparently last week was the season finale for "Off the Map." I won't claim to have penned the line that the biggest cliffhanger may be whether the show returns for season two, but I will second that notion. 

So we are left with hot Dr. Ryan and her bad heart, along with Dr. Keaton contacting his old friend and new organ black marketeer about locating a heart for his girlfriend.  Also Dr. Brenner finding Mateo, the coca farmer, lying injured after the police torched the family farm. Lastly Dr. Fuller pines for Dr. Minard, who I didn't realize is played by Meryl Streep's daughter. 

Now out to Five-O headquarters after the jump (with spoilers)

Sean Combs guest stars as an undercover FBI agent investigating a New York crime boss.  When his wife is murdered in an attempt to kill him, his efforts to solve the case put him at odds with McGarrett and Five-O.

While not quite as funny as his turn in "Get Him To The Greek," Combs nonetheless seems to have his acting chops. 

McGarrett and company also have to figure out who was the mole inside the Bureau that leaked the fact that Williams (Combs) was in Hawaii.  Someone else seems to be disposing of the hit men, and Steve and Danno must race against time to see if the evidence points to ruthless crime boss Jimmy Canon (veteran character actor and voiceover specialist Keith David.)

The FBI mole is found, points to one of the killers, who in turn fingers the mob boss' supposedly clean son.

Body count:  three - William's wife, an FBI agent, and one of the hit men.

Best Dialogue:
Steve and Danno discussing how to proceed against the gangster.
D: So what do we do now?
S: What would you do?
D: I'd like to kill everybody, but I would not do that. I wouldn't risk going to prison. I could not do that to [daughter] Grace. You...forget it, I don't even want to know what you would do.
S: I would be by the book.
D: Which book would that be, I ask? Huh? Patriot Act for Dummies? How to Nuke Your Enemies? War & Peace...minus the "Peace" part?


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